Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend didn't show a lot of promise on Friday afternoon but things started to look up quickly! The weather on Friday was rainy, nasty, and cold. I met Deaner for lunch on base but we found a little pizza place right out the back gate of the base that was warm and cozy. We were supposed to meet at the hotel at 2:30pm to head to a meeting that we had set up with a builder. Unfortunately Deaner missed his shuttle and he called to tell me that I was going to have to go alone. Needless to say I was not pleased about this turn of events. When he called the builder to tell her she said it wasn't a problem and that she would have someone pick him up at the base. Sweet, that meant that they could then swing by and pick me up and I didn't have to take a cab! So, we met with these people and now have a very promising lead on an apartment to purchase. The man we met with bought/owns the entire building and the lady is the architect that is renovating the building in keeping with the Wiesbaden Historic Registry. If everything works out and the financing part comes through than we would start working immediately. We got to see two finished apartments and then the apartment that MIGHT be ours. It is a DUMP right now and will take three months to gut and renovate. The great part would be that I get to pick out all appliances, tiles, counter tops ect. It would be incredible. I'm trying not to get my hopes up yet but as you can probably tell, I already have. Deaner is going to call the architect tomorrow and tell her we would like to go forward with checking out financing options. Keep your fingers crossed!

Friday evening we met Jon and Steph here for dinner.We have eaten here several times before but Friday was my best meal there ever! It was delicious. The weather was crummy but we were able to sit outside under the awning and heater. The food and beer were awesome! Afterwards we headed to an Irish Pub called Scrooges. We had a great table by the window so we could look out at the crappy wet weather! Multiple rounds later we called it a night and headed home. I wasn't up at the crack of dawn on Saturday (duh). The weather was crap again and I was moving pretty slowly! Deaner went on a walk by himself in the afternoon and then we ate at an awesome Italian restaurant up the street from the hotel. Deaner had lamb that he said was great and I had gnocci. Yum!! Then we went bowling! Turns out that there is a really nice bowling alley across the street from the hotel and we enjoyed a few games and a few beers! Unfortunately I lost the bet and now I have to work out every day this week! Crrrrrrrrap.

This morning we woke up to a beautiful day! Whooo-hoooo! After showering and getting dressed we walked into town. We ate lunch at a German restaurant that was outside of the Rathaus which is the old town hall (I think, and actually I could be dead wrong). Here is what I looked at while we ate.I had my German favorite, Kasespatzle, and Deaner had this disgusting looking thing.It was served in that giant bowl full of hot water and nearly made me barf to look at it. He claimed to like it but when I asked him if he would order it next time he said he might try something else. I'm going to call his bluff!

After lunch we wanted to walk to the edge of town and ride a funicular up to the top of this hill that overlooks the city. On the way there we passed the Kochbrunnen which is a fountain that dates back to 1366. 15 different springs meet here and it gushes out 346 liters of mineral water per minute. The water tastes NASTY (from what I hear) and it is really hot. Legend has it that the water has special healing powers for those who drink it but there are warnings on the fountain that say not to drink more than 1 liter a day or else it can have bad effects. I guess so since the water has traces of arsenic and cyanide! Thank goodness Deaner brought his own water bottle to fill up.The walk to the funicular was a bit lengthy for my liking but we finally made it. We rode this car up the steep hill for some awesome views of Wiesbaden.Deaner and I can see this church out of our hotel room window. It is really pretty from afar but even better up close. It is a Russian Orthodox Church and it still holds services today.We stopped for a beer at an outdoor restaurant before the long trek back. As always, the beer was quite tasty! I know this is mean but the lady at the table next to me had on the most hideous shoes I have ever seen. First of all, it is not okay to roll your jeans like this, wear (what I assume were) knee highs, and these witch shoes!! Ha ha ha ha!!Now we are home and winding down from a long day. Of course Deaner is starting to fall asleep on the couch and it is only 8:45pm. I have no plans tomorrow besides ironing some of Deaner's work shirts. Hopefully Steph and I will find some fun things to do this week. I think we are going to hit up Ikea at some point and I am going to get some picture frames for the wedding pictures I just ordered from Shutterfly. I have some pictures to post of my wedding album that just came from Shutterfly and our moving cards! Stay tuned!


The Pink Chick said...

The pictures are beautiful! What beautiful scenery! I am glad you had a fun weekend despite the nasty weather at the beginning!

Susanne said...

OMG!! Deaner did NOT really eat that albino bratwurst! Yuck. Glad to see that you are sticking with your white food regime. Miss Pasta.

Casey (@ Chaos and Cardboard) said...

It looks beautiful! (Other than the shoes and Bratwurst of course!) Makes me want to come visit Weisbaden!