Monday, April 13, 2009


This morning we finally had success!! I am finally the proud owner of a military I.D. card! No more pulling out my 6 pages of travel orders on which my name was printed under "Spouse" in approximately a .5 font on page 5! No more showing my installation pass on which my face appeared to have been smushed together and elongated into quite the horse face. I now have a perfectly normal I.D. just like any other spouse and I don't stand out AS MUCH as normal!

After obtaining my highly sought after I.D. Deaner and I had lunch together on base. I stopped by the Passport office afterwards and picked up all the application information that I needed to apply for my Official Passport. My game plan was to get my Official Passport before returning home to Atlanta in July for my sister's wedding. I didn't have time to change my civilian passport to my married name before we moved so that still needs to be done. Typically when you apply for a name change on a passport you have to turn in your old passport to be canceled. I couldn't have done that because I definitely needed the passport to travel! I was going to deal with all my name changing issues when I got back to Atlanta and had an official passport to travel with. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I could get EVERYTHING taken care of at this office. I can get my Official passport, I can change my civilian passport to my new name at a reduced cost plus keep the old one until the new one arrives, and I can apply for my new social security card. How convenient. Now, lets just see how long it takes to accomplish all that. Nothing on base has proven to be that easy!

Now I am back at the hotel watching Days of Our Lives. I haven't watched this show since college however I think that in a matter of watching 3 shows I'm pretty much caught up on everything that happened in that past 7 years. Shows like this are like crack and I really thought I had broken the habit! I'm about to try and finish up my thank you notes from all my wedding gifts. I have 7 left! Deaner just text me on my new iPhone a minute ago to tell me that my new tiny computer was delivered to the P.O. Box!! Wooo hoooo! Now I have something to play with tonight!

Quick question, do any other bloggers feel like their weekend posts don't ever get read? I do! But I like to still write them on the weekends sometimes! So if you missed my weekend posts, they are there! Also, everyone say a little prayer for my grandfather, Captain Jack, today. He is having surgery on a malignant melanoma today in Atlanta and we are all hoping for good news from his biopsy. Keep your fingers crossed! More later!


Allison said...

Yay for ID cards :) Now you are legit ;)

and yes, my posts don't get read as much on the weekend, according to my "google analytics"

d.a.r. said...

Yay glad you got your ID. That has GOT to make your life a lot easier over there!

Emily said...

Sarah -- I am also without a job and have fallen back into daytime television (Young and the Restless..General Hospital...anyone?) I recently learned that Guilding Light was cancelled and was not at all concerned because in 27 years it is the only opera that I have never watched at some point. That reason alone is probably why they have gone under.