Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Day of Sunshine

What are you fellow german dwellers talking about all this bad weather for? I am starting to not believe y'all that the weather is typically so awful! :) Just teasing! My friend Steph said that she thinks Richard and I brought the good weather from Georgia because apparently this is the nicest it has been in the entire 8 months that she and her husband have been here! One of my closest friends studied abroad in college in Galway, Ireland a semester while we were in college and all she did was complain about how terrible the weather was. When I went to visit her for Spring Break the weather was AWESOME! I knew she wasn't lying about the bad weather but it was still pretty funny. Anyways, the weather here in Wiesbaden was great today. I bet that it hit 60 degrees and the sky was completely clear. I got very adventurous today and took the shuttle bus to meet Deaner on the base for lunch. Now before anyone goes and congratulates me for being so brave, I have to admit that it was an American shuttle so it didn't take any bravery or courage at all! :) Deaner and I had lunch, then I went to housing, picked up a driver's licence study book, stopped by the USO to look at day trips, and then I came back to the hotel! At least it took up my whole day! It was quite nice. The day seemed to go by quickly since I managed not to wake up at 5am. Deaner got home shortly after I did and now we are about to head out to find a place for dinner. Steph just called and told us about an apartment that is for sale on their street and we might walk over and look at it.

The picture above is of me and my sweet sweet baby cousin, Thomas. My aunt Jennifer is my mother's youngest sister and there are 18 years in-between her and my mom. There are only 11 years between Jennifer and me. People always assume that I mean to say my "cousin" Jennifer and not my "aunt" Jennifer which normally irritates me because it is insulting that people would assume I don't know the difference! However, I keep wanting to call baby Thomas my "nephew"! Most people don't have baby cousins who are 28 and a half years younger then them! He is so so sweet and I was so sad to leave him on Saturday. He came over to say goodbye on Friday afternoon. The picture above was taken when Thomas was only about 4 weeks old (I also had my "wedding hair" dry run the same day). The picture below was right before I left when he was 7 weeks old. See a difference?! I think he is the cutest, but I am biased!
Deaner and I are about to walk out to door in search of dinner but I wanted to say one thing first. Everything I have read about the AFN commercials is true. They are ridiculous!! A couple of my favorites: One of the several against drunk driving in which the actor has apparently killed his daughter in a drunk driving accident. How does one deduce this? Because in the commercial it only shows the daughter as a GHOST who is HAUNTING her father. Nice. The ghost only appears holding a teddy bear. My other favorite is about depression and it shows a woman who has dropped a flower pot on the ground that has shattered. She has crouched over to pick up the pieces and suddenly contemplates slitting her wrists with the glass shard. I am not sure which one is worse!

Quickly, my "huh?" moment of the day. When leaving the airbase this afternoon I noticed a large sign that had a number of days since the last drunk driving arrest was made (7 days) and since the last fatal car wreck (781 days, I think). A bit odd to share that sort of info!

More later! Everyone congratulate me for not crying even ONCE (yet) today!! It has been a good day! Tomorrow Steph and I are checking out the market in town and I can't wait!

Monday, March 30, 2009

You have come a long way baby!

From the first day of kindergarten on the school bus all the way to 32 years old and working in Europe. Who would have thought? I think this is quite possibly one of the cutest pictures of my husband I have found in his mom's archives. I love it. I think he was the cutest kid and I think that he looks pretty much exactly the same now! I love the booty shorts and the little back pack. That picture had to have been taken 27 or so years ago. This morning Deaner left for his new job in Wiesbaden. He was a good sport and let me take a picture of him on the way out the door. So dumb, I know, but I had to. I was up at 5:00am this morning because a very loud dial tone kept sounding from what I am assuming was the room next door. That better correct itself because I am not sure I can take waking up that early again. It makes for a very long morning! Here is Deaner on his first day!
I had a pretty rough morning after Deaner left for work. I couldn't manage to fall back asleep and I was really really sad to see him go. I a few mini breakdowns along the way for sure but my new friend came and picked me up at 11:30am and took me around to see some of the sights. It was really nice to spend the day outside of this hotel and it really got my spirits up. Deaner came home from work about an hour after I got home. He just went to work out while I wrote on the blog and then we will probably venture out for dinner. I am EXHAUSTED though and wish we didn't have to go eat out. Ugh. This is going to get old very fast. The combination of me getting up at 5am and doing a lot of walking today has worn me out. Here is a picture of another VERY ODD moment from today. Steph and I were walking along the street enjoying the sunny weather when we stumbled upon this..........
Adults dressed up as life sized ANTS. I was warned that I would said "huh"? about a lot of things in Germany and so far a day hasn't passed when I haven't seen something abnormal such as this. In this picture they are taking a picture with some girl but when they were done they got up and started marching around to some music. ODD.

Ok, well Deaner went to workout while I wrote this post but now I am going to lie down for a few minutes to rest before we venture back out. My anxiety level is starting to go back up because now that he is home I don't want him to leave again in the morning. I am a wimp, I know. I was feeling really sure of myself earlier because I thought Deaner had a meeting tomorrow at 2pm in our hotel so that he was going to be able to have lunch with me. Unfortunately it just got moved to Friday and so I'm not sure yet how I will fill my day! More later I am sure! Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

PS--This is very odd

When we were walking down the street today this marching band just came marching down the street blasting "MMMM BOP" by HANSON! It was very very odd but it made me smile. These marching band members ranged from ages of about 18 to about 65 or so! I was very confused but quite entertained!

Trying Harder......

My resolution of the day was that I was going to try harder not to cry randomly every 15-20 minutes. While I can't say that I haven't cried at all, it has been less frequent. However it appears to become worse after dark! :) This morning Deaner and I slept in pretty late. We were exhausted I am sure from the flight and last night was daylight savings time so we jumped ahead an hour. When we were getting dressed this morning to go out Deaner asked "how did we spill red wine on my pants"? What is all this WE business? I had to remind him that HE spilled red wine on them on the airplane and that it might be time for a clean pair of pants! It was after 12:00pm before we ventured out for lunch. The weather is surprisingly warm (all I wore out was a long sleeve shirt and my coat) and the sun has broken through several times! We found an Italian restaurant (I use the term "found" loosely since every about 4 out of every 5 restaurants around here seems to be Italian) and had a nice lunch. My stomach has been pretty nervous since I woke up this morning so needless to say, Deaner is going to have some pizza for breakfast tomorrow. Now we are watching a re-run of the Villanova vs. Pittsburgh game from last night. We were watching it last night but fell asleep before it was over. So the re-run works out to our advantage but if this happens often on AFN it might get old! Deaner appears to be leading in his tournament bracket and we could potentially win a Wii! That would give me something to do while he is at work!

I e-mailed my new blog friend this afternoon to see if she might want to meet up tomorrow and show me around a bit. She and her husband have been in Wiesbaden since August 2008 and I am hoping I can learn a bit about the city from her. Check out her blog when you get a chance because it is pretty great! Hopefully something will work out so that I don't have to sit in this hotel room all day tomorrow. I would probably go out and walk around myself but I've been feeling pretty wimpy lately.

So now we are just hanging out in the hotel room. Deaner is thinking about going to workout in the little workout room that is downstairs in the lobby. Honestly I just want to be around him so I am thinking about going myself to work out. But since his ipod got packed up with our stuff in the condo I am thinking he might prefer me to stay here so he can borrow mine! At some point today I am going to unpack our suitcases. I am hoping that I feel a little better once they are unpacked and aren't living amidst a tornado. The only thing that is stopping me is that if I unpack today I'm not sure what I will do tomorrow! Lord, this is going to be a long week!

Ok, I'll probably end up writing more later. I'm probably going to download Grey's Anatomy and Friday Night Lights for us to watch later tonight if I can get the new episode on itunes. Oh yeah, and the picture at the top is of some building that we passed on our way home from lunch. It is crazy we are living in a town like this!! More later!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hardest Day of my Life!

I think that today has been one of the hardest days of my lives. We landed this morning around 8am and the flight was not the best. I can hardly complain about the actual flying of the airplane since it was a fairly smooth flight but I swear to god I cried the whole time. I would be almost asleep and would jolt awake and start crying. I cried when we landed, when our bags came out, and when we got to the hotel around 9am and they told us our room wouldn't be ready until 3pm. I was so tired and my eyes hurt so freaking bad. I think that the guy at the receptionist desk picked up on it because he gave us someone else's room. Thank god. Deaner and I ran to the restaurant downstairs, ate lunch, and came upstairs for a good nap. When we woke up around 3pm or so we tried to use our new Magic Jack thingie that should have allowed us to call home. It wouldn't work and I'm sure you can guess how I reacted. I think we have figured out that the hotel has a firewall against it so we can't use it here. Normally I would have been able to Skype my parents but since they are at their lake house this weekend they don't have their laptop with them. No contact has been really hard for me but I can't imagine that it would have been much better if I had been able to talk to them. Another thing that has upset me today was the guy that Deaner will be working with that picked us up at the airport. He insisted that he swing by this house that he knew the people were moving out of today because he told us that if we didn't take the house that we would be looking at crap for the next 3 months and that we would never find anything as good as it. This really freaked me out. How can you take someone to see a house when they have just gotten off a 9 hour flight to a foreign country and tell them that sort of thing? So I am bent out of shape about that too but hopefully we will get it worked out.

The hotel is not that bad. I was expecting much worse but check back in a few days and I'll update you if I haven't seen any roaches or anything else gross! After our nap we took showers and walked downtown. I took lots of pictures and the above picture is one of the church that is in the middle of the city. Our hotel window actually looks over it. Sweet! We had a beer at an Irish Pub (where the bartender asked us if we could help him make "american wing sauce") and then we at dinner at an American Sports Bar. I know it wasn't branching out much but it was on our walk home and I was starting to get really tired. So now we are back in our hotel room, Deaner appears to have fallen asleep already, and I am waiting for my mom to e-mail me back! I think we are about to get a basketball game though on AFN. I'll have plenty more details tomorrow. I have a feeling that it is going to be as hard as today because I am going to be really worried about Deaner starting work and leaving me alone. Obviously I know it is going to happen but I'm still nervous about it. However, my mom challenged me to go 45 minutes without crying and now I have gone ALMOST 5 hours without crying! Baby steps!!

By the way, I promised this picture yesterday!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Signing off from The States!

Ok, well, the day I have been dreading is finally here and I have made it half way through. I survived dinner last night just fine and was totally impressed with myself. Then the phone rang this morning at 8am and my first instinct was to start crying. Deaner had to take our Jeep over to his dad's house, who is keeping it for us while we were gone, and then his dad drove him back to my parent's house. When his dad left after saying goodbye to us I had another mini break down. Luckily my mom suggested we run over to the Swoozie tent sale (one more time) and shop. I got got two really great things but I can't mention what they are because they are presents for people. If you are in Atlanta this sale is going on thru Tuesday and it is well worth a visit. Deaner's mom came over around 11:30am to say bye and that made me sad again. Around 1pm we packed up the car and headed downtown to pick up my dad at his office. We enjoyed our last lunch at the Varsity drive in before heading to the airport. I was completely fine the whole way in the car until they pulled up to drop us on the curb. Then I lost it and said that I wasn't going with Deaner because I would rather stay with my mom. I cried the whole time standing in line to check in and I am actually rather surprised that no one asked me if I was being taken against my will. How easy it must be to kidnap someone! Now we are sitting in the Crown Room enjoying a beer. My eyes are killing me. I put in some eye drops so I don't LOOK like I have been crying but my eyes still FEEL like it. Deaner is on his 3rd vodka tonic. I'm not sure if I will be thanking his dad's for these passes yet or not! As long as I don't have to carry him onto the plane. I know that the drinks are relaxing him because he has already done 2 ridiculous things:

1. He is wearing converter pants today. You know, the ones that are long khaki pants and can zip off at the knee and turn into shorts? Well he claimed he was hot and made them into shorts. The problem? He is wearing high top WALLABEES as shoes. He looks ridiculous!! But he was a good sport and let me take a picture of him! I'll post that later.

2. He just brought back a plate full of food to our table that included some feta cheese. He stated that he loved Feta cheese and that at some point in his life he planned on being a "goat cheese maker". Wha???? This is news to me but I'll let it concern me when I see him start to act on it!

Ok, so right now I am about to shoot the screaming child in the Crown Room. ATTENTION PARENTS: When your child is acting like an ASS, please remove them from the QUIET AREA! No one else wants to hear them scream! So rude. Anyways, I am about to sign off. We don't board for another hour or so but I figure I might want to let Deaner have some time on the computer before we leave. Plus, I know I have to call my mom at LEAST one more time which will probably bring on another round of tears. I need to inform her that my brother just called and told me that he was planning on visiting me this summer in late July. The problem? My sister is getting married in late July and apparently he is not aware of this! :) Next time I post I will be living in Germany! That is, if I make it sitting in the middle seat in the middle row! Yuck!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I wish these movers were GONE! I was pretty good natured about them yesterday but now I am just wondering why they aren't finished yet! I think that I got shafted on my "mover duty" today since Deaner got the morning shift while the TV AND the bed were still set up! I am sitting on the hardwood floor in the spare bedroom in an alcove where our over sized arm chair used to sit. I wish I had taken some pictures to post but it would be more of a pain to find my camera! I would be inclined to start loading up my car with the suitcases that are coming with us but the moving truck has our staircase blocked off. I think I am being held captive here! I started to sweep the place to get a head start on cleaning it up but every time they move something else I am attacked by dust bunnies again! Where does all this dust come from? I think my mom is making matters worse because she keeps calling me and telling me about all the fun things we can do when I am done here. I get to go pick out a new serving piece of sterling, go to the Swoozie tent sale, and out to lunch. Sadly, I don't see those things happening this afternoon. I hope they bust a move because I am not wanting to spring for lunch again like I did yesterday!! Call me a scrooge!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last Night At Home

I am currently lying in bed amidst about 400 boxes and it just dawned on me that tonight is our last night in our condo! I am so sad! I know that originally I said that our packers were coming on Wednesday but guess who showed up this morning at 9:30am!? Who has ever heard of movers coming a day early? Not me. So you can't even come through our front door anymore there are so many boxes. Deaner is going to stay home in the morning with them to finish up and then I will take over duty at noon when I get off work. Tomorrow is my last day of work. I am not sad at all about leaving my job but I will be sad to say goodbye to a few people. We had dinner tonight with two of our favorite people in Atlanta. I was really sad to say goodbye when we got home from dinner but I made it through it okay. My game plan was to make it quick because I know that if I lingered too long I was going to start crying. Z & J brought us the coolest gift tonight that I can't wait to see again when I unpack all of our things in 8 weeks. It is a set of heavy stone coasters and each one has a photograph of a different one of our favorite bars in Virginia Highlands. What a cute idea! I thought at first they made them but they came from a super cute store called Festivity. Apparently they had several differnent landmark places in Atlanta to choose from. I thought it was such a great idea!

Tomorrow our condo will be empty. We are staying at my parent's house the next two nights until our flight on Friday afternoon. Not sure of our plans tomorrow night but Thursday night my whole family is coming over for dinner. I am almost positive I will cry then but Friday is my biggest fear. When I start to think about saying goodbye to my parents I get a huge lump in my throat.

Anyways, if I don't post for the next few days it is because I can't get internet at my parents house. I'm not positive they have wireless but I know I can plug into the wall. Signing off from my last night at home!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Part II Honeymoon in Tamarindo

After being rained on for almost three days consistantly we left Arenal and headed for the beach in Tamarindo. Nothing could have prepared me for how incredible Tamarindo was. From what I hear Tamarindo is pretty "built up" these days by local standard but it seemed pretty small and quaint to me. Everything was stunning. Here are a few pictures of our honeymoon bungalow and of the view from our beach chairs. We pretty much parked ourselves in them for 5 days straight. Me in the sun and Deaner in the shade. It was awesome!

Us at sunset...........

The sunsets were truly unbelievable. Every night it appeared that the sun dipped down into the water. I have never seen a sunset so beautiful. The next picture is where this little masseuse would set up shop every morning. A 60 minute massage was only $40! I couldn't believe it. She was incredible and I would do anything to have a person like that set up shop like that in Atlanta. It was so cheap!

Our honeymoon bungalow........

Here are a few randoms to leave y'all with. The one of Deaner is at a place called Witch's Rock. It was a great surf camp that made the best nachos I have ever eaten. Cold beer and nachos = happy couple! If anyone wants to look at the rest of the pictures, I have them linked on "My Photo Albums" on the right hand side. More later!!

Honeymoon Pictures

Our honeymoon was pretty much the best trip ever. And we have been some pretty fun places! We flew into San Jose, Costa Rica on Monday morning. Our plan was to drive approximately 3.5 hours from San Jose to Arenal, Costa Rica, which is the home to the worlds largest active volcano. We were advised that it would be best to get a car with 4 wheel drive because the roads in Costa Rica aren't the best. Deaner told me that he booked us a Jimmy (so I'm thinking GMC Jimmy) when in fact, he had booked us THIS!!
Who knew there was such thing as a Suzuki Jimny but there is and we had it! Our hotel in Arenal was a little more rustic than I was expecting but it ended up being fine. Here is a shot of the pool area. The roof that can be seen on the right is the "honeymoon bungalow" where we stayed. The views were beautiful. Probably would have been even greater if we had seen the volcano! More on that in a second.

This is a picture of what the volcano supposedly looks like. I didn't buy it and was correct not too!
This is more of what it looked like! In fact, these are the best two pictures that I got in all of three days! I will admit that we actually SAW lava flowing down the side of the volcano on the last night but we never came close to seeing the top!

While we were in Arenal we did the Canopy Sky Tour, better known as the zip lines. The day that we the zip lines the weather was really crappy. I was disappointed but as it turns out, the rain had zero affect on how awesome the adventure was. Check out how long those cables are! Most of them were over half a mile long and 615 feet in the air! It was super awesome and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Costa Rica. We also went white water rafting but I am waiting for our new found friend to send us the pictures from that.

The only part of these zip lines that was mildly frightening to me was the fact that I didn't actually make it to the end of cable above! I didn't have enough speed I guess and I didn't make it to the platform. I had to let go of the handles, grab the cable, and pull myself up the rest of the way. As least I made it 90% of the way. I would not have appreciated it if I was dangling 615 feet in the air over a rain forest!!

This post is already too long so stay tuned for Part II. of the honeymoon pictures from the beach at Tamarindo. They are worth it!! Also, I need to update everyone on the big move! At this time next week I will be officially living in Germany! Makes me feel like I am going to throw up thinking about it!!

Wedding Pictures

Here is the frustrating part....I have already gotten the professional albums back from the wedding but the CD's aren't ready yet so I can't upload any of the really good pictures yet! I am relying on pictures taken by friends that have been loaded onto Facebook. I am pretty impressed with some of them though and I think that it will give y'all an idea of the way that things looked. I still feel like I am walking on a cloud after the best day of my life. I just had SO much fun. The picture above is of myself and two of my bridesmaids, Julia and Christina. We went to middle school together and I was honored to have them be apart of our day. I was in both of their weddings as well. This picture gives you an idea of what the bridesmaid dresses looked like.

Here is a picture of me putting the dress on. If the zipper had been any lower I wouldn't have been able to post this but I think it is okay! That is my sister helping me.

This is how I wore my hair. I loved it because it was easy and I didn't have to worry about it starting to look bad. For those who know me they know that I am an obsessive hair brusher. I constantly brush my hair so this was a great solution!

Here are a few pictures of me dancing with Deaner and with my dad. I just love them because I love to see the bustle of my dress. My sister did a good job bustling it but we also appreciated the help from the caterer!!

Here is a group of my oldest friends. Our mother's met when we all lived in Ansley Park growing up. Meredith and Tucker are my oldest friends and Meredith initially didn't think she would be able to make it to the wedding at all. She was pregnant and her son was due 2 weeks before the wedding. We were pretty sure she wouldn't be able to take a baby that young on the airplane but Baby J came 3 weeks early thereby making him 7 weeks by the time it was time for my wedding. I didn't think Meredith was coming but she surprised me at my bridesmaids luncheon. I had no idea she was coming. Here is also a picture of her, me, and Baby J, who is adorable!
Below is the scene at the "getaway". I have better pictures of that coming but this one gives an idea. These are some of my favorite pictures from the wedding. I just love how neat the background of the Fox looks! It is amazing how hard some people will try and pelt you with SILK flowers! I'm glad we stuck with silk because real petals were super expensive and there is no way that I would have known the difference while caught up in the moment!

Anyways, there are more pictures to come. I will scan a few of my favorites next time I am at my parent's house. I'll also put up a post in the next day with the honeymoon pictures. Deaner and I move on Friday so it is going to be a hectic week but I've got my priorities straight! Blog first, packing second! :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

House Hunters International

I know that I have like 100 thousand things to tell you guys but the first and foremost event that I have to tell y'all about is that Deaner and I were contacted today to be on House Hunters International!!!!!!!!!!! Can y'all believe it!?! I sure can't. We posted something on Toy Town Germany a few weeks ago about buying a house in Germany and a producer from HGTV found us! I talked to her on the phone a few times today and things are looking good for us! What an unbelieveable thing! I will be posting lots more about it but here is a picture proving that our dance went okay at the wedding!!!!!! I have so much to write about!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This volcano is a HOAX!

So Deaner and I are about to start enjoying our 2nd full day in Arenal, Costa Rica. (who knew this place had Wi-Fi!!) We came to this area solely because Deaner wanted to see the active erupting volcano. We chose an out of the way hotel of moderate price and decided that our first 3 nights of the honeymoon would be the more adventurous part and then we would move to Tamarindo to the more luxurious hotel where I could sit in a beach chair all day. After a 3 1/2 hour drive through a CLOUD, which we could see no more than 6ft in front of us the entire way, we arrived at the turn off for our hotel. 9km later I thought all my teeth had fallen out. That road was the single most awful road I have ever been on. Potholes EVERYWHERE. Lucky, my wonderful husband, believes he can drive our Suzuki Jimny (that's right, it is not a JIMMY) through anything, and that he is good at it! It has been quite an adventure. Yesterday we did the zip lines through the rain forest and despite the driving raining storm that was perched over us, it was incredible. Totally worth the expense and I would do it again in a heartbeat. The view from our honeymoon bungalow is fantastic today since the rain has cleared. There is however one small problem. I have yet to see this volcano that everyone raves about! I am looking out our window right now and I can see the base of this alleged natural phenomenon but no more. It has been covered by clouds the entire time we have been here. Now it has less than 24 hours to show its face or else I am going to be MAD!!

Off to prepare for white water rafting! And Deaner just asked me if I had see his passport lately. Uh-oh!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mrs. Deaner!!!!!!

Just a few teasers to leave you guys with....Everything went SO well yesterday! People always say that SOMETHING will go wrong on your wedding day and you just have to roll with the punches. Nothing really went wrong (for me) and things ran very smoothly! It has been an incredible weekend and I can't wait to share more when we get back from Costa Rica. The picture I posted is of the Fox Theatre marquee that was running all day yesterday. Loved it and can't wait to see the professional pictures. There was a matinee showing of A Chorus Line during our reception so the cop stopped traffic on Peachtree Street and let us cross the street so we could take a picture with the marquee in the background. Everyone on the street and in their cars started cheering and clapping for us when we got out of the car and when we were crossing the street.

Here are just some of the glitches that occurred yesterday......more details to follow after the honeymoon!!

1. Deaner's tuxedo vest malfunctioned at the very beginning of the ceremony and when we went to sit down while on the alter I noticed something gathering in his crotch. The vest was FALLING off! We had to discretely re-attach him while sitting in front of 250 people.

2. One of our bar tenders appeared to be VERY intoxicated during the reception. Unfortunately he was having a HEART ATTACK!! Holy Crap!! He had to be taken out in a wheelchair and taken in an ambulance to the hospital. Thankfully, I didn't notice that any of this was going on until my brother told me later.

3. Our "get-a-way" car wasn't allowed to turn into the Ritz-Carlton because the pro basketball team playing the Hawks last night was unloading at the same time we arrived.

4. Deaner and I went to meet his dad in the valet turn around to pick up our luggage after we were dropped off. Deaner slipped on the cobblestone and fell FLAT on his butt. Once I ascertained that he was ok, I cracked up.

5. One of my cousins got hammered and I had to ask her to leave the after party. I was embaressed for her. My other cousin got hit on by every man there under the age of 40 and not limited to those who were single. I overheard someone refer to her as "phenomenal"! :)

There are SO many other stories and I will have a solid 9 days to think about which ones to tell first! I don't THINK we are bringing our laptop with us but it is still up for discussion since we won't have a TV in our bungalow. Y'all probably won't hear from me though!! I'll miss writing!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's the final countdown!!

Only 3 more full days until I am Mrs. Deaner!! I am so pumped. Each morning at the office has started off the same way. Arrive at work relatively calm, switch on the computer, open my e-mail, blood pressure goes through the roof and anxiety takes over. The first of our guests are arriving tomorrow! Deaner's sister, brother-in-law and two nephews will be getting here as well as one of my bridesmaids from California, her husband, and sweet baby. Tomorrow is my last full day of work before I am off for two full weeks! We are going to have dinner tomorrow evening with several of my bridesmaids, husbands, and children. I am really looking forward to a laid back early evening of just relaxing with friends. I am going to be using that massage gift certificate on Thursday morning and hopefully that will keep me calm. I am just really looking forward to the next few days but I know that I am anxious and that staying calm won't always be easy! I'm afraid that I am going to be an emotional wreck at the wedding. If I can just get down the aisle with my dad I know I will be home free! The first part of weddings ALWAYS makes me cry and I can't imagine it being my own. Then it is time for the party!! Today I e-mailed the Photobooth company, the Fox Theatre regarding the wording on the marquee, all my bridesmaids with itineraries, the photographer (she is over the shingles!), and the rehearsal dinner venue regarding the A/V equipment for the slide show. I THINK I am done! Just need to get through my last day at the office tomorrow. So, I might have to neglect the blog for the next two weeks. I'm not looking forward to that and might even try to sneak a few posts in but we will see. Don't ditch me when I don't have new updates for the next few weeks!! Wish me luck!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Conflicting Weather Forecast

Getting marring in March was a risk and I have always known that there was a solid chance that it would be freezing on March 7th. I have been planning to wear a family fur if it was cold but I have been praying for warmer weather. This picture is what my parent's house looked like this morning. Nice. It hasn't stopped snowing all day. Yesterday at 6pm it was 60 degrees. The forecast for the big day is 70 degrees and sunny. Something seems wrong with this to me but this is Atlanta and I have seen the weather change faster than that!