Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One more hilarious thing!

Last night Deaner and I braved the yucky weather and since it has stopped raining for about an hour, we decided to eat dinner outside. We went to this great German restaurant called The Backerbrunnen. We were the only table not underneath the large patio umbrella but it wasn't raining anymore so we decided to take our chances. After getting settled into our table and ordering our dinner and drinks I happened to look straight up into the tree above (I was afraid it would be hard to see them so I circled them in white!). I nearly freaked out when I saw the birds in the tree because the one on the far left was perched DIRECTLY above Deaner. He was a little concerned himself because he was not in the mood to be pooped on! I kept waiting for that damn bird to fly away while we discussed whether or not we needed to try and change tables. That was when I noticed birds #2 and #3. Which looked exactly like bird #1. None of the three birds were moving. We started to watch VERY CLOSELY before coming to the conclusion that these were FAKE birds that were attached to the branches with plastic legs! HA HA HA!! We must have discussed Deaner's imminent danger for at least 5 minutes. Thank god we didn't make the mistake of getting up and moving and trying to explain to the waitress why we were moving!


Jon and Steph said...

Oh my gosh that is too funny! Birds FREAK me out. Especially the big ones here! Glad you guys enjoyed a nice dinner outside and were able to stay dry!