Friday, April 3, 2009

A Week Ago Today

One week ago today I woke in a panic that I was moving to another country. My mom had to whisk me away to shop last Friday morning because I was on the verge of hyperventilating. And while this has been a very trying week at times, I have made it through it! Right now I am waiting on Deaner to come home and have lunch with me at the hotel. He has a meeting with HR at 2pm and the HR office is here in the hotel. A bit odd but whatever, I am just happy to see him during the day. I am also currently washing all the clothes that we have managed to wear this week. Quite a few if I do say so myself. Luckily the hotel has some pretty big washer/dryers which is not the norm for Europe. Yesterdays apartment search went well. I thought. That is until we went to dinner and Steph and Jon's AWESOME apartment and realized that we didn't think we could settle for anything less than exactly what we originally wanted! Their apartment is incredible and HUGE. I think our condo in Atlanta would have fit into it 2.5 times! Now Deaner has instructed me that I am responsible for going to housing every single day from here on out until one becomes available that we like! I'm thinking that I am going to have to tell the house hunters people pretty soon now that we can't afford to use an agent here in Germany so we won't be able to do the show. Sort of a bummer but I don't really mind. When I found out that the show doesn't actually help us ONE BIT to find a house I was sort of over it! They didn't want to talk to us until we had already put a contract on a house and THEN they said they would set up 2 DUMMY houses for us to look at! The show is a fraud! But, I probably won't stop watching it! :)

Dinner last night at Steph and Jon's place was great! It was so nice to enjoy some company and a home cooked meal! Living in this hotel has a FEW perks but eating out for every single meal is not one of them. I feel like we are really lucky to have met S&J because otherwise we would literally know nobody. I think tonight we are going to meet up at the Irish Pub downtown and enjoy some beers. God, there is nothing like German beer. Yes, even in an Irish Pub! :) Drinking any kind of beer here is fun!

So, I have to say that I am pretty relieved that the hotel here is not as bad as I thought it would be. I was afraid that it would be disgusting and that we would have to change hotels when we got here. Lucky for us it has been fine and it is a good thing since I am not sure how Deaner would get to work if we were to change hotels. I have been thinking of some of the perks of the American Arms and here is what I have come up with. Keep in mind I am trying to think positively!

1. We have a corner room thus making our living space much bigger than any other room here. We have a bedroom, bathroom, and huge living area.

2. We have a great view out of both of our windows.

3. There is EXCELLENT water pressure here at the hotel. So good that it might cancel out the fact that the shower curtain tends to blow into the shower and stick to my leg while showering. That is not a good thing but this is a list of positive things, right?

4. It is nice to have someone make up your bed for you every morning (sometimes afternoon, as in today) and change your towels. (just remember to put out the Do Not Disturb sign when you get in the shower. The maid doesn't give you ANY time to actually answer the door if you are here before she barges in). Back to positive things.

5. The washers and dryers make is possible to do a weeks worth of dirty clothes in record time.

6. The Arms is incredibly centrally located. While it is a pain to have to go out to dinner every night as least we are in the center of town and it is only a short walk to many restaurant choices!

7. There is internet connection in the rooms. While it might not be the fastest internet that I have ever used, it works, and I am thankful.

8. There is an ATM in the lobby that gives Euros AND Dollars. This is super nice because we can only use Euros on the economy but can only use dollars while we are on the base. It is nice to have an ATM that gives us both!

Anyways, I am so glad that it is Friday. Tonight Deaner is going to finally get to eat his much anticipated German dinner. Then out to the pub! I'm not exactly positive what the weekend will hold for us but we have plenty of exploring to do.

The picture above is probably pretty self explanatory. It is a picture of my family on my wedding day. I miss them a lot every day but I am hoping that they will be able to visit us just as soon as we get settled in! OK, I'm off to work on our "moving card". I have found some really cute ones on Vista Print!! More soon!

PS--I LOVE getting comments so feel free!!!


Jon and Steph said...

What a beautiful fam you have!

Emory said...

Sorry the House Hunters didn't work out. What a scam!

Wila (aka Ali) said...

I think you're doing a great job hanging in there in Germany! Keep up the house hunting...the pictures you're sharing are great!

Anonymous said...

Miss you Sayrah. I am very jealous of your adventures though. Tell Deaner to keep his eye out for a job for Daniel and maybe we can join you soon :-)

Anita K. said...

You sound like you are doing 100% better!! I love House Hunters and am sorry to hear it isn't on the up and up like I thought - I will still continue to watch it.

Take some pictures of the view out of your great windows - would love to see more of Germany.

Anonymous said...

Wow - your fam is pretty good looking! ESPECIALLY your mom.
Happy that you are doing well and looking on the bright side.

Hildebrand Family said...

Sarah, I know it has been along time, but it sure has been fun to stay in touch with you via your blog! I can't believe you are in Germany! What is your husband doing? Hope all is well, Carey

Katie said...

I also want to see pictures out your hotel windows - more Germany pics for those of us who are not international. Like the positive list, sounds like you are doing better everyday! Sarah Kate wants to post a comment, so I am going to tell her how to do it - look out for some 9 year old comments! Katie E.

mary h. said...

Sarah, I love the blog. I check it every day and you make me feel like I am there to.