Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Like Father Like Husband?

My mom had me rolling over a story last week shortly before we left to come to Germany. Deaner and I stayed at my parent's house the last two nights we were in the States and I noticed that my dad had a little cut on the end of his nose. When I asked my mom what happened to it all she did was start cracking up. She said that last week she got a frantic phone call from my dad early one morning while he was driving to work. He told her that he was having one of the worst mornings ever. Coming from my dad, this would get any one's attention. When she asked him what was wrong he went on to tell her that while he was taking a shower that morning, he was shaving his face in his little shower mirror. Somehow, someway, he managed to CUT the tip of his NOSE with his razor blade! He said that it hurt really bad and he jumped out of the shower to put something on it. He recovered, got dressed, and was driving to work. He called my mother while on his way to work to say that he had just looked in the mirror of his car and noticed that his hair was suspiciously flat (my dad has a lot of hair!) It dawned on him that when he jumped out of the shower to fix his bleeding nose that he forgot to shampoo his hair!! So he spent the day in the office with a scabby nose and dirty hair! My mom thought this story was one of the funniest she had heard in awhile.

Sooooooo, yesterday after Deaner went to work out he was taking a shower. I heard a little bit of a commotion before he appeared in a towel complaining to me that he had CUT HIS NOSE while shaving!!! WHAAAAA??? How does this happen? Guys, it is your nose! It is a little higher above what it necessary to shave when shaving your face! My first question to Deaner had to be "did you remember to shampoo your hair"? Needless to say that he didn't think it was as funny as I did! :) When I sent my mom an e-mail about it, she responded "well, your father cut his lip while shaving yesterday". I swear. If there was such thing as a safety razor, those two would need it!

I realized when I wrote my post earlier that I didn't even say how the apartment I looked at was. It was actually beautiful but there were too many drawbacks to it. It was on a really busy street and it only had one bedroom. This was sort of weird because the apartment was HUGE and the rooms were huge. There was plenty of room for the builder to have made 2 or 3 bedrooms instead of 2 massive living areas. Maybe I will time travel back to 1900 and inform the builder of this. I think that we will continue our search. The meeting with the mortgage lender we set up for today was okay. I'm still hoping we just decide to rent. The lender was nice and when he offered us some water we eagerly accepted, having just walked forever to get there. Unfortunately for me he served us sparkling water. YEEEECH!! And a nice full glass for each of us! Thankfully Deaner loves sparking water, prefers it actually, so every time the guy would get up to fetch some papers from the other room, I would make Deaner take huge gulps of my water so it appeared that I liked it. :) I was nervous the whole time that he would give me a refill! Deaner would have had to drink 1.5 liters if that had been the case.

Tomorrow it is back to housing for me. This time I have to go on the early shuttle (8:30am) so that I can get back for some afternoon activities with Stephanie. We are going to hit up the market again so she can get some more fresh flowers. Then we are going to a store called Das Depot, which has cute house things, and then to Ikea. I never was brave enough to go to the Ikea in Atlanta because I heard it was a nightmare but I have a feeling that we will be making lots of purchases there in the coming months. I'm just going along for the ride to scope things out. Should be a fun day! I hope so. I have been feeling really homesick tonight for some reason. I hope I get over it tomorrow because it is not a fun way to feel! More later!

PS--Above is a picture of the Kurhaus which is in the middle of Wiesbaden. The exterior is under contruction right now but it is a beautiful old building. The best part?? It is a CASINO! Can't wait to check it out! Think there is a language barrier when you are dealing with numbers??


The Pink Chick said...

Your story is too funny! How did they manage to cut their nose?

The Pride of Salinas said...

Great post.

The irony is not merely that we are more like our parents than we think but that no matter how much we fight it, we also end up married to people like our parents.

On a side note, I think they cut their noses because rather than use tweezers to pluck the random, stray hair growing on top of the nose, each made the decision to run the razor over it. . . and, oops, a nick and some blood.

Keep the posts and the pictures coming! :)

Allison said...

I used to hate sparkling water...but after living here three years, it's all I ever order :)

Allison said...

The beer club doesn't really have a name I don't think...it's just this guy that comes door to door in our area and he brings beer :) Kind of like Scwhanns or those people that come selling frozen goods from a van...

Maybe there is one in your area, though?

Susanne said...

After a lip and a nose, what could they possibly cut next???