Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lazy lazy Sunday

I cannot lie. I did not see this car today. It was probably parked in its normal parking spot outside the hotel but Deaner and I were so lazy today and we hardly left the hotel all day! I took this yesterday on our way to the train station because it makes me laugh every time I walk by it. This is the type of car that you really only see in the movies but I have gotten a kick out of it. So like I said, today was a lazy day. We slept in this morning after staying up late again on Saturday night. We had lunch at the restaurant in the hotel which was good because they have really good pizza. Afterwards Deaner went to work out and I did a load of laundry (Deaner spilled on something and it was going to stain if we didn't wash it!). I also started working on a wedding photo album on Shutterfly. That will keep me occupied for awhile since it it already taking me forever.

Around 6pm or so we started to get really ambitious and both of us took showers and got dressed and ventured out for dinner. We walked up the street the opposite way than we normally do to find a new restaurant. The place we were heading to did look great but it was really nice and neither of us really felt like having a very expensive dinner. Don't ask me why since we would have been reimbursed anyways. At that point neither of us felt like walking into the city either so we ended up eating in the hotel restaurant AGAIN! Twice in one day! I'm sure we aren't the first guests to do that but it is a bit lazy! At least Deaner got to eat his very favorite German treat yesterday for lunch. Actually I had a picture of him eating a Doner Kebab but the picture keeps timing out while loading. Maybe I can post it in the morning.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day. Deaner is taking his drivers license test in the morning. Not sure what the rush there was since we don't even have our car yet but oh well! I am not taking mine as quickly! He will probably just drive anyways when the car gets here! :) The drivers test manual that you study is the size of a large catalog so hopefully he passes. I think that I will be making yet another trip to housing to try and set up some appointments. Wish me luck. Hopefully I will get through the second week here a little bit more smoothly!


Jon and Steph said...

Sounds like a great Sunday! And don't worry..... we definitely ate in the hotel restaurant several times in one day!

Allison said...

Be sure to study for that test!! Especially all the road signs :) It's a doozy!!

(don't feel bad if you (or Deaner) don't pass the first time...lots of people take it more than once..heehee! Oh, and I scored higher than Paul. I like to mention that whenever possible...)