Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Made it thru Mittwoch!

Today was another good day! No crying today and it is 8:35pm! :) This morning I slept in again while Deaner went to work. At 11:00 my friend Steph came to the hotel and we met her husband, Jon, and walked down to the twice weekly market that Wiesbaden holds in the city center. It is all fresh produce and cheese vendors. The produce looked delicious but I just don't have a ton of room in our in our mini hotel fridge! It is going to be a huge resource once we have an apartment and can actually store things. The picture above is one of about 30 vendors that set up their goods twice a week. There was an awesome cheese vendor but good god it smelled bad in that area! How can something as wonderful as CHEESE, stink SO badly!?

After the market we walked back to the hotel and said goodbye to Jon. Too bad our husbands actually have to work! Steph took me to a place called Mann Mobilia which is sort of like Ikea. She needed to get a vase for her fresh flowers and I tagged along to have something to do. The store was really neat and once again, when I actually have a place to live it might serve its purpose better! Then we headed to the commissary so I could get some sandwich stuff so Deaner doesn't have to keep eating lunch out every day. And once again I got REJECTED at the cash register. Thankfully Steph spotted me and I was able to pay her back. This time the manager came over and told me to SHOW HIM where on my travel orders it said I had the right to be shopping there. GEEZ! I know I have rights to be shopping there but this is the second time they have rejected me from there. I read the fine print on my orders when I got home which stated "all persons listed on orders have rights to services on military facilities". Of course I was certainly not composed enough to find this statement while standing there. UGH.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for me. Deaner set up an appointment thru housing for me to go look at an apartment at 10am tomorrow. ALONE. That is right. The German landlord is coming to pick me up at the hotel and take me to see his apartment. That is apparently the way things go around here. I can't believe that I have to go alone. I hope that the guy speaks a little English! I speak enough German to get by but one on one with a German in a car might be a little overwhelming! If I get done in time with seeing the apartment, I am going to take the shuttle to have lunch with Deaner at his office. Then there will be a trip to housing to see if anything new has come up. I also have got to try and figure out how to get a military I.D. so that I stop having this commissary issue. I'm not brave enough to go back until I have one! I've also got to start to figuring out how to get my Official Passport. Tomorrow night Deaner and I are going to Stephanie and Jon's apartment for dinner. I am really looking forward to it. We are going to grill out steaks and it will be the first time that Deaner and Jon meet. I'm sure that everything will be great! It is going to be a long day tomorrow! But then it is Friday!! Woo-hooo!! I'm almost to the end of the week!! Then we will start everything over again on Monday. And continue on like that. For THREE more years. :)


Anonymous said...

Sarah, Wow, you have had an interesting day. Am glad to hear you guys made it there safe and sound. Nothing like fresh produce!!
I hope all goes well with the apartment and hopefully, you will get your ID soon;therefore, you can shop for additional things needed. Be Blessed My Friend. My last day at PSHP was yesterday. I slept in this morning. Talk to you soon :)

Kim Watts

Anonymous said...

Each day it gets a little better...Glad that you have a friend. Be sweet and be happy... and smile !
Love you ! and that husband of yours..I love him too !! Tell Mr. Qwackers Hi...and give Lambert a Kiss

Katie Edwards said...

Hey - I found your blog! Way cool! now I can keep up with you - Little Karen showed it to me! I love seeing all your adventures, and I know you are nervous, but you will be great in Germany and will leave there with such memories - what an experience for you. Keep us all posted, can't wait to visit with you everyday.
Katie Edwards (your old boss)

Jon and Steph said...

Hey girl! It is completely normal for the landlord to come get you to view an apartment. Our landlord picked us up at the hotel while we were staying there! No worries, you'll be safe and he will definitely speak a little English. He probably even drives a bad ass car! So you might be riding in style!

Good luck, I can't wait to hear how it goes!

MMM said...

Hope things went well for you today with the apartment search. I'm so glad you are getting out each day! You are doing GREAT!!