Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I have to admit

I feel like I have a confession to make. I have had all these comments (well, let's be real, only 5) congratulating me on my bravery for driving here in Germany. I feel the need to clarify that the drive to Deaner's office is only about 4-5 miles and it is completely a straight shot. I mean, I turn out of the hotel, drive straight for several miles, and then turn into the base. It really isn't that difficult and it certainly isn't the Autobahn! And I am wimpy enough that when I went to pick him up I got in the passenger seat and let him drive home! Ha ha! I think I would be okay driving here if I actually had SOMEWHERE to go! You can only run so many pointless errands before they become ridiculous.

SO, I'm glad that I let Deaner drive home last night when we left the base. As we were leisurely cruising through an intersection BAM! No, we didn't get hit but an insanely bright light flashed in our eyes which we can only assume means that we got a ticket for running a yellow light! The real killer is that Deaner admitted after it happened that at least 3 people have told him it was there!! Duh!! Oh well, I am sure that I would have done the same thing. I am just glad I was in the car so I was startled enough to remember it! I won't make the same mistake now!

I'm sitting here watching the Today's Show. I find it really funny that when they cut to the weather report and Al Roker says "Here's what's happenin' in your neck of the woods" that nothing comes on here in Germany. Obviously because only TV stations that are affiliates in the States get picked up and deliver local weather reports however instead of us hearing nothing here in Germany, we can hear all the private conversations that occur on the TV set for about 15-20 seconds. It can be pretty funny! Right now someone just told Al he is looking a "little bit disheveled"!

On another note. I want to know how the United States government could be so stupid and so outrageous that they thought it was acceptable to fly a 747 plane being tailed by a fighter jet through the Manhattan harbor heading towards downtown Manhattan sky scrapers? Seriously? What where they possibly thinking?? The videos that are on TV are bone chilling showing people running through the streets screaming. How awful. Can you imagine how these people felt? I have multiple friends in New York and I have already heard some of their stories of their office buildings being evacuated ect. One friend ran down 50 flights of stairs with every other person in the building. I can imagine that this must have been a horribly terrifying moment and I feel like there is no excuse for such behavior. How did the government FORGET to mention it? Inexcusable. Who is working in this clown administration? Enough about that.
Days of our Lives is coming on in 6 minutes. Not that I am waiting for it or anything! :) Deaner and I have our meeting at 5:30 this afternoon and I am nervous about it! We have to decide if we are willing to hand over our earnest money check tonight! I don't think we will know immediately if the financing will work out but it shouldn't take long. I'm off to make sure that we have all the needed documents to take tonight. Wish us luck!

Above is just a random wedding photo. I hate posting without some sort of picture nowadays!!


d.a.r. said...

I'm peeing my pants at the 15-20 seconds of "backstage chatter" that you get. Let us know if it is anything juicy, hahah!

The Pink Chick said...

I still consider driving in a different country brave! It doesn't matter if it was only for a short time! I still don't think I would have the courage to do that!

Casey said...

Shut up! I was JUST thinking about posting about Al Roker today! The stuff he says sometimes is ridiculous! I wonder if he knows all of us hear him? Some days he makes up songs about Matt...

Allison said...

Driving on the autobahn is FUN! It's one of the few things I will actually MISS about Germany :)

And yeah...what moron authorized the "photo op" over Manhattan!?!?! Just another example of the arrogant-do-what-is-best-for-me-don't-think-about-anyone-else White House. BLECK!!

Fatboy said...

Did you do any driving in Central America? I have driven in CR, Suisse, and Italia. I can't imagine Germany is that hard. It does seem a little unwise to blind drivers with bright lights for the camera tickets. It's like they are saying, "if you run a yellow light, you may be blinded, run off the road and die, or just get a ticket."