Thursday, April 23, 2009

This and That.....

Isn't my husband handy!? Somehow he managed to install license plate holders on both sides of our car! I was pretty surprised! That might sound insulting since he is an engineer but still....And both of them are so straight! Well done Deaner! We were just happy that the European license plate fit on our car and we didn't have to get the American/European plate. I know that the car looks nice and clean in this picture but don't worry, it is covered in POLLEN by now! I had no idea that spring in Germany would have just as much, if not MORE, pollen than Atlanta. It is killing us. Thankfully we just managed to get some Zyrtec and I am really hoping that it helps. Only one side of my nose is stuffed up and that is pretty obnoxious! Another shot of the car, pollen free and clean. It probably won't be this clean again until the next few months pass and we rid ourselves of the pollen.Deaner just dropped me off back at the hotel from lunch. He picked me up and we went up to the Exchange to do some errands during lunch. He had to get our gas ration card (I know that sounds weird but we have to have it to get gas on base!) and I had some stuff to pick up at the Exchange. I was excited to find out that we were able to prepay on our ration card and it will insure when we travel that we can buy gas at Esso stations through out Europe at our military base price! It is roughly HALF of what other Europeans pay. It definitely makes traveling cheaper!

Why didn't anyone tell me how delicious Taco Bell really is? :) I never ate at Taco Bell at home but man it was good today in the Exchange food court! Deaner got in the line for Subway acting all healthy but quickly saw the error in his ways and switched over to the dark side! YUM!! Bean burritos ROCK my world!

We went to the Shopette after we ate lunch and obtained the ration card so that we could fill up with gas. This is also where Americans can buy liquor and beer at a reduced rate. I always have fun browsing the beer aisle! I was laughing though when I came across this liquor.I am pretty sure that this is what my mother would refer to as ROT GUT. I think that the "Military Special" was about ten bucks whatever FLAVOR you want! Think about how you would feel the morning after drinking a bottle of that!

Tonight we are going out to dinner with our friends Jon and Steph to celebrate Steph's 26th birthday. Her birthday is actually on Saturday but Jon surprised her with a trip to Dublin for the weekend! How fun is that? We are going to a beer brewery for dinner and some authentic German food. Deaner will be sure to love it! I just hope he doesn't eat that albino sausage again! I wanted to get Steph a little something for her birthday since she has been my ONLY friend since we got here. I decided that my olive oil and crushed red pepper might be ready to test out so I am going to give her a bottle of it. That and a bottle of wine. Nothing big but something fun at least! And I think that the wrapping turned out cute! Check out how red the olive oil looks now!Also, about as soon as I posted yesterday I got an e-mail from my mom saying that Captain Jack got the results of his PET scan (you know, for his Salmonella/melanoma issue!). Apparently the news is good and his scans were clean. Basically it means that he has to have another surgery to remove his lymph nodes under his arms but that there is a chance that that might get all the cancer. We are really keeping our fingers crossed. My mom pointed out that at the LEAST this gives good ole Captain a few more years to tell us how much he loves us EVERY DAY! :) We promise to do the same!! Love you Captain! If you are reading (which I hear he frequently does) I better get a comment for this!Does anyone else think that it is odd that it is 2:40pm in the afternoon here and I am watching The Today's Show which comes on at like 6:00am at home! The shows are reversed here. Oprah and Dr. Phil are on in the mornings and The Today's Show is on in the afternoon! God help the people that watch those two regularly. They will kill you, one self-help brain cell at a time.

Tomorrow I will post about our upcoming weekend getaway! We are going to spend the day on Saturday and Saturday night in Heidelberg! I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Loved Heidelberg... you need to go back for their Christmas Market too!

Casey said...

A- You MUST try the bean burrito fresco from Taco Bell. A whole 'nother layer of delicousness.

B- Oprah/Dr. also come on at 4/5 and 8/9 in case you missed them. :)

C- Email me so I can give you details of the Greece cruise (or the freak cruise). I won't ever remember to do it on FB. bluestarblogs at

d.a.r. said...

The chicken quesadillas are amaaaazing.

And I know I don't comment all that much, but I do read everyday and have to tell you that I adore following your blog!

New Girl on Post said...

You know, I don't think we have the military special crap in the shopette here, perhaps that's a good thing...

I like getting the wine out on the economy better. It's way cheaper. I got 4 liters of wine for like nine bucks. Can't beat that!

Sounds like you are adjusting well. I'm proud of you!