Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rush Rush Rush

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. It really had nothing to do with the fact that I didn't leave the hotel again all day long and didn't have anything new to report! Here is the picture of Deaner eating his favorite food from Saturday. Finally I got it to upload! Today has been a rather busy day and finally my blood pressure is starting to subside. After the shuttle holiday yesterday (yes, that is right there was also a shuttle holiday on Friday!) I was finally able to get to housing this morning. I had to wait an hour before someone could see me and it was not all that promising when I finally did see someone. There was only 1 place out of all the ones that we picked out that she was able to set up an appointment for me to see. Typically when you go to see an apartment that is for rent in Germany the landlord comes and picks you up. Fine with me since I don't have a car anyways. So when I was leaving the housing office to sprint back to the hotel to meet the landlord I was quite surprised when the lady handed me an address and said "She said she would meet you on the corner". AGH!!! I was supposed to meet the lady at 2:00pm and the shuttle wasn't going to drop me off at the hotel until 1:25pm. This meant that in a matter of 35 minutes I had to come up to my room and change my shoes, look up walking directions to this apartment, and then somehow find it even with my terrible sense of direction! To make matters worse, I really couldn't read the housing lady's handwriting which told me which street corner to meet the landlady on. Yikes. I pretty much panicked. Thankfully I was able to send Deaner and e-mail to call me at the hotel, he found the street corner online, and then I did what most normal Americans would do in that situation. I called a cab. Thank god, the place ended up being pretty close but I never would have made it in time. I even walked all the way home! I had time to catch my breath briefly before Deaner got home and we had to walk to another appointment with a financing guy to see if it would be a good idea to buy a house or not. Now that we are home I am more confused than then we started. It sounds like if we buy a house and sell it in 3 years we will probably just break even. So my arguement is that we should rent some place that is phenomenal and be done with it no strings attached at the end of 3 years. Deaner said "well, what if we decide to stay longer?" Wait a second, hold the phone, as far as I am concerned I am moving home in March 2012. Three years to the day that I moved here. I don't see myself changing my mind about that. Even if I did, I think it is a large risk to take that I would change my mind. I have a feeling like will like it here but I'm certainly not committing to staying longer after only being here for 1.5 weeks!


Julia said...

So how was the place you looked at???

Anonymous said...

Oh my Sarah....Gez Wiz, Well I hope the apartment was to your liking..... Hang in there Sarah Jane

Kim W.

Susanne said...

Yeah - it will be time to come home in two years and 11 months. But, I bet you'll love it so much you won't want to come home.