Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Swaddling is a modern day miracle. Seriously. I thought Evans was doing great sleeping 3-4 hour stretches at night. Then I swaddled him. Last night he slept from 10:15pm to 5:15am. SEVEN FREAKING HOURS!!! Incredible. Then he slept two more hours after that. I can't say that I am feeling all that refreshed since I was awake at 2:30am wondering what was wrong with him and all but I FEEL so good about him sleeping that long. My aunt recommended the book The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems by Tracy Hogg (I know, unfortunate name!) and Melinda Blau and so I ordered it from Barnes and Noble. The book outlines a routine to get your baby into and we were roughly already following it. I have a feeling it is going to help us out a lot and I am excited to start trying to get into a routine now that our company is gone.

Yesterday was our first day home all day long and I think it went well. I was anxious that I wouldn't be able to keep Evans occupied all by myself but he is such an easy baby (knock on wood) and everything was fine. I have realized in the past week how much I miss being able to sleep in. I guess those days are gone.

Tonight my friend Julia and her husband Daniel and kids are coming to stay with us. I can't wait to see them. Julia and I went to middle school together and we were in each other's weddings. It will be great to have some friend time and catch up. I suppose I should go and lie down now since Evans is asleep and we have an outing this afternoon to Aunt Steph's house and then to Ikea to look for a picture frame to frame his birth announcement. Then it is dinner at the Brauhaus! Hoping for a good day today! Hope all is well with everyone else!! Happy Humpday!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Today In My Life

Today was an interesting day in my life.

1. Evans and I had our first arguement this morning. He wanted to wake up. I wanted to sleep. He won. I'm sure we will play again tomorrow.

2. I ran over my cup of coffee, which I left on the ground while opening the garage door, while backing the car out.

3. After retrieving my coffee, which was clearly in a travel cup of steel seeing as it didn't break OR even spill (God was watching out for me), I was about to pull out of the driveway before glancing up and seeing the front door still wide open with the stroller in the doorframe. At least the baby was in the car!

4. I had to get a new I.D. card on base because my name wasn't on it correctly. My new picture makes my face look ENOURMOUS. Why couldn't I just keep my old picture when I was skinny and not 5 weeks post partum?

5. I held Evans in my lap for 3 hours while I got highlights in my hair. Thankfully he was an ANGEL, pretty much as always.

6. We had a semi fussy afternoon but I managed not to lose my mind.

7. I bumped into a stroller and said "excuse me".

All and all, not so bad for my first day alone! Evans has now applied for his American birth certificate, passport and social security card. As of now, he is solely a German citizen. Got to get that fixed!! Almost time for bed! I'm exhausted!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby Update

So I am still alive but sometimes I wonder by how much! Things in Germany are going well but I am about to be put to the true test. Deaner's mother and aunt have been here for the past week and they are leaving on Sunday. It is the last of my guests until November and I am slightly anxious about it. I know I can do this alone but it is going to be a lot more exhausting. Right now Evans is sleeping from 10:30-2:30am, feed, 2:30-5:30am, feed, and then up at 7:30am and not wanting to go back to sleep. I've been the one feeding him but Deaner's mom has been taking over at 7:30 and allowing me to sleep for several extra hours. I am really really going to miss those hours!! And his mom and aunt! I really hope I am not lonely once the company clears out and that Christmas time comes quickly. As much as we love Germany it is times like these when I miss my family being around. I want to be able to show off my baby while he is still so little! He won't be little for long since he is already over 10 pounds!! His pediatrician appointment went well and all is good. Next time we go we have to start vaccinations and I am dreading that! But for now, I thought I would share some more pictures since everyone is visiting Heidelberg and I have the day to myself.

Evans has really started to love bathtime and I try to bathe him everyday. The first bathtime was not as successful......Now he could sit in his whale tub forever!We have taken a few field trips down to the winestand trying to enjoy the last bit of nice weather that Germany has been offering. This is Evans and his Gannie (Deaner's mom).We have eaten dinner at all our favorite places. Seriously, we just drag this baby around with us everywhere and he is SO good. Never cries (knock on wood) and is generally pretty happy.And there is certainly no mistaking who this boy's father is! Have you ever seen a baby look more like his dad??Anyways, it is time for me to close my eyes for an hour before everyone gets home and we have to get ready for dinner. Hopefully I can be better about posting next week but who knows!! I never know what the day is going to hold for me now!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


The cutest baby in the world just wanted to say hi and let everyone know that he is doing fine and that all is well. Mama is just a little bit busy at the moment and finding time to write on my blog is not as easy as I thought it would be. My father in law is currently visiting and then my mother in law will be arriving on Saturday and staying thru next week. Then we are completely on our own again! YIKES!! Evans is pretty much perfect. He is sleeping great at night so I can't complain about exhaustion (yet). I mean, I'm certainly not 100% but I figure that things could be a lot worse. He isn't breastfeeding (and no, this is not due to mom's extreme desire to drink again!) so I think that is helping a lot with the sleeping. He only cries when he needs his diaper changed and or is hungry (which seems to be often). Deaner and I drag him around with us everywhere and he is always good when we are out. Knock on wood.

Anyways, things are going really pretty good here. There are lots of things that people don't tell you about having a baby. I'm just trying to work through all of them one day at a time. I hope that y'all will try and stick with me even if I can't post everyday. I'll try and be better next week when my mother in law is here and I have two extra sets of hands for baby holding! Hope everything is going well with everyone!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Already Gone?

So my parents left this morning. Deaner managed to keep me busy all morning and some of the afternoon but I am so sad that they are gone that sometimes it takes my breath away. I really can't blog about it because it is almost time for bed and I don't really want to have a nervous breakdown before getting what precious sleep Evans will allow me tonight. My parents kept him in their room the whole time they were here so that I could get as much rest as possibly and try to recover from the c-section, which was MUCH harder than I ever anticipated. Tonight Deaner and I are back on duty and I am pretty nervous about it. I'm tired anyways and I haven't even been getting up with a baby like my parents were. I didn't think it would be hard to keep up with blogging but until we are on some sort of schedule or routine, I think it might be hard for me. I am going to try though. Deaner is off work the rest of the week with the exception of maybe working a half day this week and I'm just trying to enjoy time with my new family while I have it. I still have lots to share and tell and I feel like I am falling farther and farther behind. I promise to try though. I'm going to attach a few more pictures from Evans' photo session. Hope y'all enjoy!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Baby Evans' Photo Shoot

Yesterday was a great day. Most days around here have been pretty great lately (minus the c-section recovery issues) since I finally have my baby here. I'm no longer pregnant (still fat though) and while I still can't roll over in bed in under 4 minutes (see c-section recovery issues) I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Evans have been a dream baby and I'm just trying to enjoy him as much as I can while he is being so easy. It doesn't hurt that he has been sleeping with my parents the past several nights allowing me to catch up on sleep and recover from surgery. I never in a million years would have thought that I would have had to have a c-section but things happen and honestly I was nervous but I would have been nervous to start pushing too. It's just scary! If I learned one thing thru the whole labor and delivery process it is that women who give birth without drugs are PSYCHO. I guess if you can do it more power to ya but holy hell contractions hurt and I really thought I would die from the pain. The anesthesiologist arrived to give me my epidural and said "Now I have to go over the complications that could arise from this medication......severe headaches, acute back pain, blindness, and possibly death". Ok, well maybe he didn't say those last few things but even if he had I would have allowed him to jam that needle into my spine. I welcomed it! Total and utter relief!! Epidural = high recommended!

Anyways, back to yesterday. Evans' had his newborn photo shoot that Steph and Jon gave him as one of the MANY gifts they spoiled Evans with. We could have asked for him to be in a better mood and he did everything perfectly. I am SO thrilled with how they turned out and think that our photographer, Jessica Ceason, was the BEST! I love ALL the pictures she took and I have been looking at them all day long. I'm just going to post as many as I can right now before the bambino needs to be fed!Big yawn, not a scream!Ok, I have to admit that as much as I am totally in love with these pictures, I am sick of uploading them for right now. I will post more on Monday!!