Friday, October 9, 2009


Wow, I really didn't think I would be as sad as I was this morning when my parents left. We left the house this morning about 7:15am for the airport and I really didn't want to let them leave. Of course when we got to the airport I couldn't help but start crying. I am such a weinie when it comes to leaving my parents whether it be coming back to Germany or letting them leave Germany! I have been so sad since this morning when they left. After dropping them off I ran several errands. I went over to the school on base to finish filling out my application to substitute teach. I had ONE date wrong so they called me to come in and fix it. I was VERY irritated when the lady told me when I got there that I would have to come back because there was a training going on in the library and I couldn't sit in there to make my ONE CORRECTION. I was not pleased. After leaving the school I went to the base where Deaner works and got my car cleaned which was really nice. I then hit up Ikea, found us some suitable nightstands and then met Deaner for lunch before heading home. I am currently watching Days of Our Lives for the first time in a week and washing sheets from our room and the guest room. I guess you can say that I have been really productive this afternoon. I am still really missing my parents though. It was so lonely to come home to an empty house with them gone. It is just so weird to me to think that they are already somewhere over the ocean and their towels from this morning are still wet! I know that we will be going home for Christmas in 8 weeks but it still sucks not to be able to see anyone in your family when you want to.

Sigh. I know I will feel better in a few days and things will get back to normal but it is always so hard for me initially. Sometimes living in Germany stinks! Anyways, we have a fun but relaxing weekend planned. Tonight Deaner is going to put together our new nightstands and we are going to have left over enchiladas. Tomorrow we have tickets to the Wiesbaden soccer game! I just hope the weather isn't crap like they are calling for! Sunday Steph and Jon are coming over to hang out with us and I'm sure we will have a good time. We had a delicious dinner last night with my parents at Trenz and everyone had great food. Here is a picture of the four of us from dinner last night.Monday Deaner and I are going with a group of people from his office to a wine tasting and a tour of an old Monastery and winery near our house. I'm really looking forward to it because it will be really nice (again, depending on the weather!).

I forgot to mention it when it happened but I think I got bitten by a spider last week. On my FACE!! Right on my temple! It has been this giant swollen bump all week. It is finally going away so thankfully I won't have a growth on the side of my face all weekend, like this week. Maybe I'll celebrate with some pictures! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Thanks to the government, it is a long weekend for us!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, I'm sorry that you were so sad to see your parents go. Christmas is right around the corner though!

chubs said...

I think you are running off your readers with this "sad" stuff.