Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I missed my calling.......

I think that in a former life I must have been a house painter. I'm not sure if I liked my profession in my former life but I know that I was good at it and that I had a problem stopping something I started. Some might think that this is a good quality but with painting, I seem to take it to an extreme. I woke up this morning and figured that it was about time that I snapped the lazy streak that I have been on lately. After painting approximately 2,000 square feet in the downstairs alone in our new house, I really burned out. I managed to paint our bedroom on the second floor but that has been it. The walls in our landing/office space REALLY needed a fresh coat of white paint before I could hang the rest of our pictures on the walls. I've just been dreading doing it. This morning I decided I was sick of looking at the paintings leaned against the walls in the places that I had picked out for them. I busted out the brush around 10am and when Deaner walked through the door from work around 5:15pm I had just hung the last picture on the freshly painted and dry walls. I even missed Days of Our Lives (although I turned up the TV really loud and listened--it's really amazing, I'm pretty sure I could picture exactly how it went anyways!). I knew that I had taken it to the extreme when Deaner texted me in the early afternoon and I couldn't grip my iphone to text him back. My hand is sore but my walls look great!! I finally hung the 4 pen and ink drawings Deaner's mother gave us in our bedroom and they look great. I would have taken a picture but I was too lazy to make the bed this morning (I didn't say I broke the lazy streak COMPLETELY!) and I wouldn't dare post a picture without our bed linens looking their best! I have some standards!

When Deaner got home from work he was pretty surprised to see that my "surprise" consisted of painting the majority of the upstairs. I'm nowhere near down with the 3rd and 4th floors of the house. Those rooms require more than just paint and I'll need to put a little more thought into them. After my painting marathon Deaner and I went on another walk up in the vineyards since it was such a beautiful day. The weather here has been gorgeous the past 3 days (hence me agreeing to exercise 3 days in a row!) but it is supposed to rain for the next 4 days. Ugh.

In other news, y'all might be wondering about my trip to the school today to PRINT my profile thingie. I decided to call this time before wasting my time going over there. Thank god I did because supposedly the printers were still down and it would have been a waste of time. Guess I have to try tomorrow! I got my LL Bean catalog today in the mail and I think that I must have this sweatshirt. It is lined in fleece and looks perfect for lounging around the house.Hint hint Mom, I know you are reading this and Christmas is coming! By the way, I love my new Martha Stewart pot, so thanks for that too! :)

I'm off to eat gummy bears and watch Dancing With the Stars. This show is so gay but my choices are limited here in Germany! Hope everyone is having a good day!


KT said...

oh wow...you were productive. I think my husband would pee his pants if he came home and I had painted! I think we decided not to paint in our apt....but you never know. We may get bored with all this white. EVERYTHING is white!

Can't wait to see pics!

PS I was also just hinting to my mom today about some boots that I want for Christmas! I am not doing a lot of shopping here, so I figure I have to stock up when I am home for the holidays!


Newlywed Hostess said...

You are very productive. Can I pay you to come back and paint my house too? Just wondering?...My painter is driving me crazy and I would have no problem firing him! I wish I could paint, but I get migraines from the paint. You need to show us some more pics of your house. I love having someone else who is in the process of fixing up their house also. Have a great week!

susanne said...

I want the $600 back we paid the painter to paint your bedroom at your rental house when you CRIED that you COULDN'T do it yourself!!OMG!!!You are a painting maniac.

Jon and Steph said...

Way to go girl! Sorry you're little TCN couldn't be there to help ;)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow, painting is such a job. That's great that you were able to get it done and it was dry in the same day!!!!