Monday, October 5, 2009

Parental Visit

Yea, for having my parents in town!! I was SO excited to pick them up at the airport on Saturday morning! Even if it was early! After getting home and going on the grand tour of our house we decided since it was nice outside that we would walk down to the river for lunch. Deaner loves this restaurant (that is actually a CAMPGROUND) and while I was apprehensive about taking my parents there for lunch (it is a CAMPGROUND after all!) my mom said that her schnitzel was awesome! It was really nice to be sitting down by the river with the sun shining! I'm just glad the food was good!After lunch we took a little walk down by the river before heading back to the house to let my parents take a nap. They were a bit jet lagged!After everyone had a nice good long nap it was time for another adventure. And we were in for a real treat. George told us the day before that during the day on Saturday, several of the winemakers in Hattenheim would be sitting up tents IN the vineyards and selling their wines. We decided to check it out and we were SO glad that we did. It was really neat. We walked up along the ridge of the vineyards and every few hundred feet there was a wine maker that had tents and chair set up selling their wine. We stopped at several to enjoy a bottle and the views were fantastic!It was a really fun day. Thank goodness George told us about this fun event! We never would have known otherwise! It was also a fun night of eating chicken enchiladas and watching the Georgia game, however, I do not want to discuss the outcome of the UGA game. I'm not upset I didn't stay up until the end! Yesterday we got up pretty early to go on the Rhein River cruise. The weather wasn't spectacular but it held and that is all I was asking for! I'll post pictures from that tomorrow. For now I have to go start getting ready for our dinner tonight. I asked George this morning for a restaurant suggestion. He couldn't think of one off the top of his head so he said that he would get back to me this afternoon. When we got home from Wiesbaden, there was a note taped to my door with a print out of a restaurant telling us that we had a reservation for 7pm!! How great is that?!? My very own concierge! George is great! Hope this place is good but he has never steered us wrong in the past!

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old dad said...

Really looks like y'all are having a great time. Hope the weather holds for the entire time. Thanks for the pictures, looks alittle cool. The vineyards excursion sounds wonderful. Have fun.

Bethell Family said...

ok when I first clicked on this I thought it said PRENATAL VISIT! I about fell over!! hahah It looks like yall had a blast!