Friday, October 23, 2009

It's Friday It's Friday!

Thank god for Friday!! We don't even have any huge plans for the weekend but since I know it will include beer and football, I am a happy camper. Y'all, today has been really busy for me. I met my husband for lunch AND had to go to the grocery store. Whew! I was almost out of the house for 3 full hours! :) How different my life is from the way it was 8 months ago! I'm not complaining. I've made a big pot of chili in my new Martha Stewart pot (which rocks) and I'm waiting for Deaner to get home from work so we can enjoy an ice cold adult beverage!

I have found the best Christmas presents online but I am having an issue ordering it because my credit card's billing address is my APO address. I don't even want them to be shipped here (shipping all Christmas gift's to my parent's house) but my credit card keeps declining because I can't enter AE as my state. So it thinks my billing address is incorrect. I'm waiting to be contacted back to see if the owner can override the CC machine and enter my info manually. I WANT these gifts BAD so keep your fingers crossed!

This afternoon while Deaner was putting air in my car tires I discovered that my Jeep has a 6 disc CD changer in the back!! What a great surprise! I asked Deaner if he thought there was any chance that we could have gone three full years without ever noticing it! I think there is a good chance that would have happened if I hadn't have been looking for the user manual. Now I have 6 new CD's loaded in to my car and I'm loving it!

Ok, I'm signing off for the weekend. I hope that everyone has a good time and everyone's football team wins!!


Allison said...

You should be able to enter NY as the state and then your APO zip code...that is what I always did and I never had any problems!

p.s. I'm hosting a fun giveaway over on my blog right now - you should check it out :)