Thursday, October 15, 2009

$30 Quesadilla

Well, I have never in my life, paid $30 for a steak quesadilla! I guess there is a first time for everything, right? Last night Deaner and I ventured out to find a Mexican restaurant that we had located on the internet that was close to our hotel here in Brussels. Surprisingly, we had no trouble finding it. Unfortunately it nearly gave me a coronary when I saw the prices. And we had already walked all that way! We decided to gut it out and give it a try. We are being paid per deim to be here but we try not to always spend every single penny of it! No luck with that last night! After enjoying guacamole that was nearly $12 our food came and looked like this........I was half expecting it to be made out of solid gold, but no such luck! I know it looks like a pile of slop but it was actually decent. Not $30 good, but it satisfied the mexican craving. I can't express enough how much we miss decent mexican food. It was one of our staples back at home and I can guarantee we will be dining on it several times when we go home in December! Which is in approximately 63 more days!!!

Our drive over here yesterday was eventful. Brussels is an awful place to drive. The buildings are high and our GPS doesn't register fast enough. The streets are crowded with walkers and bikers and the drivers are similar to New York. Mix all that with staying in a different hotel than we normally do and that equals not a pleasant drive inside the city limits! Our hotel is fancy but it isn't as close to all the hub bub as our normal Marriot so today is going to be a boring day for me. I'm just ready to head back to Germany. Also, I found out that Deaner has to stop at one last school on the way home on Friday! I seriously thought we were just going home. Boooo!! So make that 4 days in a row of wearing the same dress shirt! I'm surprised but we have only had 1 minuscule spill. I'm so proud!

I'm ready to be home! My friend Julia is in town with her family (husband, daughter, dad, and brother) and Deaner and I are hosting dinner on Saturday. It will be a lot of fun to see old friends and get to catch up. We always have a good time. Anyways, I am off. Hope I don't die of boredom this afternoon!


KT said...

Oh I hear you on missing the Mexican food! We tried a restaurant that is close to us and it was okay, but definitely not the flavors we are used to. I cannot tell you how fast I am going to get a burrito or taco once we are home for Christmas!


Jennifer said...

Wow! I cannot believe that was so expensive! What is it that your husband does?

Newlywed Hostess said...

I cannot imagine a life without Mexican food. I love it, unfortunately Hubby not so much. That food better had been good or else you would have felt even worse.

Laura said...

Yikes, looks like german 'mexican' food also... When I go to visit my family in california, eating out mexican is always top priority! Laura in Ludwigsburg