Friday, October 2, 2009

Disaster on Autobahn

Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows that Deaner and I have been waiting for our new bed to come in for well over 8 weeks or so. The furniture store on base kept telling us that they would call us when it arrived but I didn't quite trust them so I have been calling them about once a week. Yesterday I hit the jackpot and I found out that it was finally here! Of course I didn't want to wait to go and get it so Deaner grudgingly agreed to meet me there to pay for it and help me load it into the Jeep. My plan was to drive it back to the house and wait for Deaner to get home to help me unload it and put it together. All went according to plan until it became obvious that the bed's headboard was not going to fit into the Jeep. Hmmmmm.......I wanted to take it home RIGHT THAT SECOND. The guy working at the furniture store suggested we tie it to the roof rack and that I drove slowly home. Sounded good to me! Not surprisingly, the furniture store didn't have any ropes and Deaner had to go next door to the car care place and buy some of those thingies that cinch down really tightly to a roof rack. He and the worker man got the thing securely on the roof and I was on my way back home...........

I could see the corner of the box on the roof when I looked up so I figured I could judge it pretty easily to make sure it was staying put. I knew I would have to go very slowly but I wasn't nervous at all. Then I got on the AUTOBAHN. I think that this was my one and only mistake. :) I was nowhere near my exit when I heard a loud crack. I glanced up and that small corner of the box was now almost obstructing my vision completely because it was flapping in the wind!!!! That box was about to flap right off the top of my car!! I managed to pull over without getting run over (this is no small feat on the autobahn and I'm still thanking god that there was an actual shoulder!) but I was afraid to get out of the car! Cars were wizzing by me at 100mph and I knew I wouldn't know what to do anyways! Finally I got up the nerve to open the door and I saw immediately that one whole section of the rope had come loose. I had ZERO idea how to make this cinchy thing work. My ultimate solution was the roll down the back window, pull the strap down as tight as I could, and roll the window up on the strap! It worked just fine if I do say so myself! Crisis averted!
I got off the autobahn at the next exit and used the GPS to go back roads the rest of the way home! All I could think of was that stupid bed flying off the top and causing a wreck. What is worse is that I probably would have been more upset about not having a bed!! :) It is all set up now and it is really nice not to be sleeping on the floor on a mattress and box spring anymore! However this bed is VERY high and in the middle of the night last night I could not figure out why I couldn't reach my Gatorade on the floor! We still don't have nightstands. I'm waiting for Deaner to get home from work right now so we can go look for some. Ikea wore on my nerves today and I didn't have the strength to make anything there work today.

My parents get here in the morning! 7:45am to be exact! There goes one day of sleeping in but I guess I can't complain! I can't wait to see them! I hope they bring me lots of presents! :) Also, don't forget to enter the best giveaway ever! The two posts below this one will give all the details. Who doesn't want to own their very own monogrammed grocery bags!! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Pictures of the infamous bed to come!


old dad said...

Wow, sounds like a nightmare averted. Good thing you have some "engineering" in you. Say hi to your parents and y'all have a great weekend.

UVA will loose to UNC I am afraid. Lucky for us we will be at the lake and will not have to watch.

Allison said...

yikes. I think I would have just stayed in my car and called ADAC. :) I wouldn't get out on the Autobahn!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm glad you managed to avoid a wreck!

Annabel Manners said...

Ha, what a funny and resourceful post!

Beth Dunn said...

phew! I was worried the bed had fallen when I first began reading. So glad you have your new bed!!!