Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Haunting Updated

The Haunting may or may not be over. If you missed my original post of the Haunting, you can read about it here. I swear this fan, while looking exactly like a fan, must secretly be a telephone. That's right, a telephone. It was this fan that led me to believe that I could hear the telephone in the hotel room next door ringing at all hours of the night. Deaner kept swearing that it was the fan but I thought that there was no way in hell that a fan could make a sound that is so exactly like a telephone ringing. Turns out I was wrong. Surprise! Anyways, it is starting to get really hot in Wiesbaden and our hotel does not have air conditioning! Typically this is okay because it is the end of June and the temperatures still tend to dip into the 40's at night. Not this week! With lows in the 60's at night Deaner and I have been forced to break out the haunted fan again. Last night Deaner had enough of the ringing and was determined to "fix" the problem. This is what he came up with! Now our haunted fan has "rabbit ears" and it is propped up on several books and magazines to achieve the perfect angle thus preventing the ringing. So far so good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Last night we went to Steph and Jon's house for the most delicious dinner we have eaten in a long time! We had bison spaghetti, french bread dipped in my famous hot olive oil, salad, and the world's greatest desserts! Steph made her 4 Layer Dessert which consists of pie crust, almond slivers, cream cheese, chocolate pudding, and cool whip. YUM! It was hands down my favorite dessert! Deaner and I don't typically eat dessert but it was a GREAT treat. Check out the recipe on her blog! She also made a dip for the fresh strawberries that she cut up and it was heavenly! It had cream cheese, marshmallow fluff, and vanilla! I'm telling you, Deaner could have rolled me home last night! Not to mention the four bottles of wine we put away!

This afternoon Deaner and I have plans to go to the gym and get in a quick weight workout. The only problem? I can hardly walk. I feel like the insides of my thighs have been beaten with a baseball bat! I did a new weight machine at the gym on Tuesday and I clearly over did it. I knew something was wrong this morning when I went to roll over in bed and I couldn't move with out severe pain in my legs. So, I am dressed to go to the gym but since I am having a bit of an issue with mobility, I am not sure how this is going to work.

One week from today I will be heading to Milan! And in 5 days Steph, Jon, Deaner and I will be watching Sir Elton put on a show here in Wiesbaden! It is going to be a fun upcoming week! And in between then we get to have a weekend! Hope everyone has a great day!


The Pink Chick said...

I hope the solution to the ringing fan continues to work! That is wild that your fan rings!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Haha, what a crazy fan!

susanne said...

Printing Steph's 4 layer Dessert Recipe for 4th of July! Thanks!