Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BIG News!!!!

I haven't wanted to jinx our good luck lately so I have been hesitant to mention this before today. I think that I can safely tell y'all that our condo in Atlanta is officially UNDER CONTRACT!! We got the offer on Friday but it was for a good deal under our asking price and just can't afford to come down a whole lot on our end. Every penny under what we actually owe on the place means that we have to come out of pocket. However, after a week of counter offers we have finally gotten the price within $500 of our asking price. Unfortunately we have to pay all the closing costs so we are still going to have to write a pretty hefty check but we are really happy to have it off our shoulders. Everyone keep your fingers crossed because the condo still has to be appraised. As long as it appraises and the potential buyer gets her loan everything will be okay. We REALLY need this to happen or else we will own THREE houses and that is not a good thing these days!

Which brings me to our next bit of news! The owners of the Huey Duey and Louie house have accepted our offer!! Woooo-hooooo! We are very excited about this. Now we just have to sit back and let our financial consultant obtain a loan for us. We think this will take about 2 weeks but it should move along MUCH faster than when we were asking for the loan on the more expensive place. Hopefully this will be a piece of cake! I'll keep y'all posted.

Just a few more random things.

1. I got a comment from MG at Magnolias and Mimosas the other day on my Rome pictures and she said she might have to shake her finger at me for taking pictures in the Sistine Chapel! I just want to clarify that while there WERE people taking pictures with a flash, I took MY pictures without one! :) I have this setting on my camera called High Sensitivity and it is actually better than using a flash for darker pictures. That's not to say that I wouldn't have used a flash though if I needed one!

2. The picture above is taken from our hotel room window. I know that it doesn't appear to be of anything special, and it really isn't. Did I mention it was taken at 10:15pm last night!??!?! Have I mentioned that the sun comes up at like 4:30am here? That is ungodly! I feel like such a grandma going to bed when the sun is still up but geez! It is ALWAYS light here it seems like! I figure that I better enjoy it while I can because I hear winters are miserable!

3. We are only being stalked by the financial consultant on the other house deal we backed out of. Today she called Deaner again and told him that she had a "screaming deal" for him! First of all, that expression cracks me up. Second of all, her supposed deal was that the owner of the complex would guarantee to buy the condo back from us if we wanted to move in 3 years. Looney Tunes!!!!! We are NOT interested anymore!

4. Today while at lunch with Deaner at the base (Burger King, why can't AAFES get a contract with Chick-fil-a or something?) I noticed a soldier eating lunch with another soldier. Pretty run of the mill happening but then I noticed that one of the soldiers was wearing a GRILL in his teeth!! An ALL GOLD GRILL!?!? Is this acceptable?? I cannot imagine that his boss puts up with that! My sister used to call security at her old school when a student refused to remove his/her grill because it was considered GANG paraphernalia! Thoughts?

5. Quick Days of Our Lives update (Mom, if you are still 3 weeks behind you need to quit reading now, and honestly, you should just cut your losses and start watching live cause it's all the same). Phillip has made a miraculous recovery from his gun shot wound to the chest. Praise God! He is now seeking revenge on the Demira's by having kidnapped Stefano. Doesn't anyone on this show EVER learn anything? Stefano is physically incapable of dying. No matter what. I wouldn't choose to kidnap him if it were me, I mean, I'm pretty sure he could survive nuclear warfare. As predicted, Stefano has been recovered by the cops yet Phillip's fiance, Stephanie has been kidnapped (she is being held in a morgue by Owen the gardener) by Stefano's son, E.J. da...da....daaaaannnnn. Sammy is now dating Raf, the ex-FBI agent, who appears to have been pummelled in the brain by a 2x4 at some point in life because he is so stupid. And last but not least who is this Melanie character? She makes me feel rage she is so annoying. I know, I know, some might ask why I keep watching.

That is pretty much all for today. I didn't get home until later today because I had to go by the gym and pick up my ipod that I left there last night. I was informed I was lucky because normally people steal ipods and don't turn them in. Nice. I would never steal someone elses ipod! Thankfully it was there! Then I mailed a package of books that I am returning because my dumb butt double ordered them. Then I swung by the USO and signed Deaner up for a beginning German class. All in a days work! Now I am off to watch the end of Days (things are not looking good for Stephanie, she has been running out of air in her refrigerated morgue cell for two days now!) and then scoop up Deaner from work. I totally don't want to work out at all. I'm looking forward to trying the 30 Day Shred soon!!! Y'all have a good day!! Thanks for the comments yesterday!


susanne said...

OMG!!! Had to squint while scrolling rapidly through the Days update!! I am now a month behind because the French Open is playing every day.
Goodbye Decatur, Hello Huey, Dewey, and Louie!!

Jane said...

Haha ... I think I watch Days about once a year. And for the most part, I'm never completely lost! Its unreal how people never die, or die and then come back to life. :)

Unknown said...

30-day shred will kick your butt! It's easy, manageable and you will be cussing out Jillian very soon :) I did it before the wedding and noticed a difference. Sounds like you are having a blast in Germany!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Such a relief for you about the confo for sure! I hope it all goes smoothly.

d.a.r. said...

Great news about the condo!!

Casey (@ Chaos and Cardboard) said...

1. Yeah for the offer being accepted!
2. After a looonnnggg sucky winter, I promise the amount of light won't bother you. When it gets dark at 4:30 we will all be wishing for summer.
3. My ipod was stolen on base. Booo.
4. I thought you were saying the real Stephanie was running out of air. Ha!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Yeah...I can't see a gold grill flying in the military.

I love chick-fi-la!!!

I'm glad your condo is under contract!

Allison said...

Yeah, I second what Casey said. You'll be crying during the winter when it's pitch black at 5pm. Soak in that vitamin D while you can...you'll need to store it up :)

And I agree - ANYTHING would be better than Burger King. barf.

Anonymous said...

Don't cover them up..........Mr Quackers will be sad....Great news on the Condo....Love you both

New Girl on Post said...

What wonderful news! I actually liked the place you were looking at (minus the ducks)

Oh..and you and I are going to have to chat about Forever21. In a nutshell it's a clothing store that has awesome clothes and accessories, usually for a decent price. I mainly buy shirts and dresses there. You should check it out!

Off The Vine said...

Ok..what about the two babies and the young mother..anything going on with that??
Sorry I am back to work and have not seen it in about two weeks!
Thanks for the update
Love the bag!!