Saturday, June 6, 2009

Loving Leibniz

I am LOVING my new find. I am sure that it isn't new to all those who have been living in Germany for awhile but the discovery is new for me and I am excited! These little cookie/cracker thingies are are SO good! They are the mini version of this sweet cookie and one side is covered in chocolate. I bought this little bag at the Shopette this afternoon as my "rainy day" treat and it was the perfect choice. I even noticed that Deaner snagged a few earlier today and he doesn't normally eat sweets at all. This is big coming from the man that told me my gummy bears taste like flavored bits of TAR! I think NOT! :)

Anyways, today has been pretty uneventful. Last night we had dinner with another couple staying in the hotel that we have gotten to know. We tried a place neither of us have ever been before, James Joyce, which is an Irish Pub. It was pretty good but I was sort of annoyed that they served 3 out of the 4 of us first. Poor Michael's food didn't arrive until we were all almost FINISHED! Service just isn't the same here in Germany. After dinner we headed back to the hotel, called my Mom, called my sister-in-law, and then went back to the bar downstairs to hang out with our friends some more. It was a fun night. We slept in this morning and because it was disgusting outside we went to eat at the PX for lunch. We rented some movies, bought some magazines, and have been lounging around today. We ate dinner at one of our favorite places around here, Restaurant Bolognia. I has some delicious Spargal Soup and a pepperoni and mushroom pizza. YUM!

Now I am settled in for the night. I almost didn't mention it but it is too funny not too. While my husband watched some seriously violent movie this afternoon, his choice for this evening is Mamma Mia!! HA HA HA!! He is watching intently right now. I have heard it is good but it is seriously weird seeing James Bond singing in a musical! Uhhhh, they just started singing for the first time in Mamma Mia and Deaner said "Awwww, I hate singing like this in movies"! As if he didn't know what it was!! Hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend! Ole Miss and UVA are tied at 1 game a piece in the baseball super regionals! Our teams never play each other but tomorrow we will be pulling against each other!!


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Allison said...

I LOVE liebniz! The ones with dark chocolate are my fav. I also love the Afrika cookies...have you found those yet? DE-LISH!!!

oh and the little word verification thing says: dumb a men :) ha!

Anonymous said...

Go UVA.............!

And be careful with that duplicating machine....don't need too many blue people around....!

Katie said...

Sarah you are hysterical! You always know how to make me laugh! I am glad ya'll are doing well. I miss you. Tell Deaner we say hello. Take care
Katie Cullens