Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Seriously? It's Only Tuesday??

This is going to be a long week. I didn't know exactly how long until we arrived in Mons. While the city center is pretty and picturesque, there is only so much looking at it you can do! Yesterday was a long day with Deaner gone. I slept in, got up and showered and headed out for lunch. I ate on the Grand Place at a little outdoor restaurant and really enjoyed sitting out in the sun! Here were my views from where I was sitting.Not too shabby. I was even given this appetizer which I was very excited about!It is the small things in life to a pregnant person! I had a good lunch and enjoyed the people watching before walking around the rest of the city. There is not a whole lot to report on but y'all imagine my surprise when we headed to the Grand Place the first night and this was the first thing I saw!Isn't is sort of sad that I am not all that excited about it because I can no longer partake in the margaritas? I'm sure we will dine here at some point JUST BECAUSE it is here but I'm not that thrilled about it! Last night we ate at a really nice pizza place over looking the Grand Place and had a nice dinner. I am really savoring my time with Deaner when he gets home from work because of my long days in the hotel alone! I'll be happy when Friday rolls around!

On a different note, I have been waking up the past few mornings with the worst muscle spasms in my back/side and it is not fun! Our bed in this hotel SUCKS but it happened the last two nights that we were in Germany as well. I'm just hoping that it is only muscle spasms! I can deal with that! Cross your fingers for me!

I'm off to read in hopes that Deaner comes home from work soon! Happy Tuesday and come on Friday!!


Jennifer said...

That bread appetizer looks ah-mazing! I want some of it right now! haha!

I hope the days go quick for you this week! Crossing my fingers for your back!

Oh, no it is NOT awful that you are not excited because you can't have the margaritas! haha! I would be bummed too.