Monday, April 19, 2010

Lots of Odds and Ends

I just didn't have the heart to blog about the carpet installation that occurred on Thursday evening. It is safe to assume that things didn't really go according to my plan. My plan being that everything be easy and turn out perfectly, that is. At first it appeared that everything was going smoothly as Deaner cut the carpet to fit the room.Yes, we decided to lay the new carpet over the old carpet for a few reasons. 1. Apparently Germans don't really have carpet padding. A bit odd I thought but since there is only concrete under the blue carpet, I thought that it might be best to use it as the padding. I consulted a few people who said that they thought it would be fine to do this. 2. George has that blue carpet glued to the concrete within an inch of it's life so unless I wanted to be scrapping glue off the floor for two days straight, it was just put the new over the old. So, we get the carpeting laid down only to have to deal with air pockets that just would NOT GO AWAY. I almost cried over them because I think they look so bad. Keep in mind, in these pictures the baseboards are still not on the walls so it looks particularly bad, but really, in real life, it doesn't look that much better!See what I mean about the bubbles? We just didn't know what to do so we left it like that. We didn't glue the carpet down or anything drastic yet so all hope is not lost. You can really only see the air pockets when the light is shining in the windows but still, I can't have them there. Deaner thinks that after a week of laying flat the carpet will smooth itself out. I think that is wishful thinking. Also we were going to use carpet tape to put it down but I think now we will switch to glue. His idea is to bring the topper to our heavy poker table upstairs and after we glue, lay it on top on the newly glued area. I don't know. I just want it done and I'm leaving for Atlanta soon.

Speaking of which........I'm a little nervous about my flight to Atlanta being cancelled. This would be just about the worst thing that could happen. If this damn volcano doesn't stop erupting over Iceland, I might be boarding the QE2 to get home! All airports in Europe are closed. That's right, all of them. Since last week was Spring Break I have friends stuck in Qatar, Egypt, Rome and Turkey. With no signs of getting home anytime in the near future. What a drag. Say a little prayer that I get to come home. Surely this will be over in 10 days time? That's exactly how long until my flight leaves.

Anyways, I have a lot more to share but might need to wait until tomorrow. Deaner and I drove to Mons, Belgium yesterday afternoon since he has to work here this week. I am thinking that it was a big mistake for me to come here with him. It is going to be a really long boring week. There isn't much to do here and I would rather be home subbing for all the teachers that couldn't make it back from Spring Break! I've already toured the city etc and I'm afraid that it doesn't offer a whole lot in the way of entertainment for the week! I have some pictures to share with y'all tomorrow so stay tuned!!


The Pink Chick said...

Sorry to hear about the carpet installation not going as planned. I hope y'all find the solution to your problem, but if it makes you feel better I don't think it looks bad in the pictures.

Jennifer said...

Oh a happy note, the color of the carpeting with the paint colors is GORGEOUS! It is out of a magazine pretty! I completely agree about the bubbles being a big deal. I would be throwing a fit. Maybe George can help? Haha! That would make for a wonderful blog post too! Good Luck with the carpet and the flight not being cancelled!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Hopefully by then all the flights should be back to normal. I'll be crossing my fingers for ya.

I don't think the carpet looks too bad. After a few days it might start to flatten out but you might have to cut more because of it becoming flatter.