Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last Full Day Belgium

I would totally be lying if I said that I had a better night last night. After dinner we came back to the hotel where my back started hurting before I even fell asleep! Normally at least it waits for me to fall asleep for waking me up in pain. So around 9pm Deaner changed from his pajamas back to his normal clothes and we went walking. I don't think it helped too much but at least it got my mind off of it for half an hour. I took tylenol before falling asleep and then didn't wake up again until about 3:30am or so for more. After that I was okay. I've been talking to my doctor today and we are in the process of deciding whether we need to leave Belgium tonight and go home so I can be seen tomorrow or if I am okay to wait until Monday. I don't get the impression she thinks it is all that serious. Which makes me think that there isn't much she could do for me anyway. Not the best feeling but we will see!

On our little jaunt around the town last night we passed a few cute stores and I was able to peek through the windows. I saw a little sheep toy thingie in one of them that I had to go back and check out today. No surprise that I bought it today! I just think it will look cute on a dresser or something.Plus, I get to tell people I bought him in Belgium. I'll just leave out the part that it was during the most boring and painful week of my life! There might be one small problem. As I was checking out the lady in the store, who was very nice and helpful, was asking me if it was a lamb or a sheep. I said probably a sheep because it looks a bit bigger but you could call it a lamb too. She said she always calls it a lamb because when she sees it she thinks of Silence of the Lambs. Nice huh? I hope that I am able to shake that thought because I certainly don't want to think of that movie everytime I look at it!

I'm so excited to be heading home tomorrow. It's too bad that Deaner has a meeting in the morning because that means that I will probably have to go with him and sit in the car. However, I had to do this once and I was able to pick up wireless from the school. :) Could be worse. This weekend I hope to figure out the carpet issue and get it fixed. I'm also crossing my fingers that the furniture came while we were gone. The only problem is going to be that when we stop to check the mail on the way home, we will be in the Crossfire which would NEVER fit all the furniture. I have proposed we walk it over to Deaner's office, store it there, and come back with the Jeep on Saturday. We can't pick up mail on the weekends so we only have one shot at getting it on Friday. With my luck, it probably won't even be there!

Cross your fingers for a better night for me!!!


Jennifer said...

What a cute little sheep toy! I think that will look precious in the baby's room! I can't believe she said that though! Ugh! Haha!

I am crossing my fingers your furniture is here, the carpet gets resolved, and your back gets better! Have a wonderful day!

chubs said...

Isn't a lamb just a baby sheep?