Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Fright of My Life

Well today I had a bit of a slow start. I was able to call my little brother with I woke up this morning to wish him a Happy 21st Birthday. It was 2am his time and I am quite certain that he was having a grand time. I just wonder how he felt this monrning? I really had no plans for the day and I was pretty much bored right off the bat. As the day was shaping up to be beautiful I ate my lunch outside on our back patio and had the brillant idea to lay out on our top balcony. So I changed into shorts and a tank top and hauled my beach chair up to the top balcony of the house. It was SUPER pleasant up on the 4th floor of our house and right as I was starting to relax I realized I left my drink inside. I jumped up to get it and almost stepped on THIS!I nearly screamed bloody murder. As a child I was very afraid of road kill and would always have nightmares about it. This bird was just about as bad. I was almost afraid to step over and go back into the house. I decided I was going to be a grown up and settled back into my chair.....for about 2 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore. I just COULD NOT sit there with that bird that close to me. I packed up all my stuff and headed down to the balcony off our bedroom. As soon as I set up there I got afraid that the wind might blow the bird down on top of me. I grabbed one of the baseboards I just recently painted and tried to push the bird off the balcony but I just couldn't. It felt too gross touching that bird body. I have goose bumps just thinking about it.

I settled with the balcony off our bedroom. Deaner will definitely be discarding the bird when he gets home because it is supposed to be a beautiful week coming up and I plan on spending some time on that top balcony! I even blew up a single blow up mattress so that I could lie on my stomach for awhile but when I got on it I could hear air rushing out of it from somewhere so guess that isn't going to work out!

Hope everyone is having a Happy Humpday. I'm planning on us having dinner outside tonight and hope that it stays warm. This is the perfect weather for Germany because it isn't hot enough to make our house uncomfortable yet! Let's just hope it stays like this!!


Emory said...

This story brought back memories of college, the MLK house and the mice. Who thanks to Mom came back to our house in her duffle bag. We would have to get that guy to come over and get the dead mice out of the traps after classes.

Nicole said...

Sarah! What if that bird was homeless?!?

Gleatie said...

Homeless?? So what? I wasn't going to let it in my house!! :)

susanne said...

PLEASE don't bring up homeless people!! Her two big fears - dead animals and homeless people. WHERE was this child raised???