Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy Day

I don't normally blog so late in the day (It's 9:20pm here) however I thought I would give a quick update. The crib came today and I ran over to pick it up at our PO box. Unfortunately the crib mattress didn't come yet so I can't exactly put all the bedding together. Deaner and I both got our hair done today (well, I got mine DONE and he got his CUT) and then we had a very nice dinner at Vapiano with Steph and Jon. It has been WAY Too long since we have hung out with them but we have all been so busy traveling lately. Steph came over earlier this afternoon to see the baby's room and we were able to put together the cutest lamb bench ever that arrived from Deaner's dad. She also had some really cute goodies for baby Evans! I'll take pictures of everything tomorrow and post it. Just haven't had a chance yet! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the mattress comes tomorrow in time for me to do the bedding before I head to the states. Stay tuned for updates tomorrow! I can't believe I only have one more day until I leave for the States!


Molly Lou Gifts said...

Everything looks fabulous. I am so happy for you and so excited for you about your upcoming trip.

Fingers crossed the mattress comes! Wave when you fly over me. :)

Jennifer said...

Fun Fun Fun! The babies room is the cutest thing ever! I just love it!

Wave when you fly over Savannah too!

I wrote up the tutorial for the baby onesies, but I have yet to post it with finals and all. Look out for that sometime soon. I know you were one of the ones who requested it!