Friday, April 23, 2010

Finally Home

It has been a rough past 24 hours! Last night about 6pm my doctor e-mailed me and said she would just feel better if I went ahead and came in to see her this morning. Would have been easy if we weren't in Belgium, huh? Not to mention that her office closed at 12:30pm today! Oh well, I was really sick and tired of feeling bad and Deaner and I decided it would be best if he missed his meeting this morning and headed back to Wiesbaden as early as we could. Neither of us slept well because we knew we had to be up at the crack of dawn to make it back. My doc was already working me in and I didn't want to make her late to pick up her kindergarten daughter! SO......we drove at the speed of light this morning and made it to her office at 12:15pm, which was fine since she told me that she could wait for me until 12:45pm or so. Too bad her office was packed! I was scared that I wasn't going to be seen at all after all that driving. Thank goodness for a great doctor! Not only did she see me, she went ahead and did my whole exam so that I didn't have to come back on Monday morning. She did an ultrasound on my kidneys and everything that she was worried about, looked completely fine. I am on 6 magnesium pills a day for the next 8 days to help loosen up the muscles in my back. I am really ready for it to work!

Baby Evans is looking good! She said she was really pleased with how things were going. He weighs 1.2 pounds now and is in the 51st percentile for something I didn't quite catch. Oops! I was just so relieved that everything looked good! The ultrasound pictures stunk because he was moving around so much so I am not even going to bother posting them. Just looks like a head with giant eye sockets and it is sort of scary!

My doctor said that I am good to go to Atlanta next week and looking good for Greece. Thank goodness! Oh yeah, I even gained weight this time! 2.6 pounds! I'll take it!! The baby's changing table came in while we were gone but no signs of the crib or mattress. I will pick it up on Monday. I'm so glad it is Friday and I am looking forward to getting this carpet fixed this weekend! And I can't wait to start getting ready to come home! Hope everyone had a great Friday!


Michele said...

Sarah, Glad everything went well at the doctor. Hope the magnesium helps. Thanks for making me laugh today! Michele