Friday, April 30, 2010

Long Trip Home

I can really only describe yesterday as a long trip home but I am finally here and happy to be so! I woke up at 5:45am yesterday morning in Germany to get in the shower. We were ready to walk out the door at 6:45am for the airport (only after I got dinner for Deaner started in the crockpot, I mean, I can't let him starve!). I was delivered to the curb in Frankfurt about 7:25 or so and this is really where the fun began! I always get so emotional the airport. I know I was only leaving for a short time but I was sad to say goodbye to my husband so of course I ALMOST cried. Once I got in the line to check in this older couple from the States started talking to me and then decided that they were going to stick to me like GLUE for the rest of the journey. Even when we got to the empty terminal they made sure to sit right next to me and talk my ear off before boarding the plane. We left Frankfurt on time and I only had to explain to the Germany couple sitting next to me once that in fact, I did have the aisle seat booked and no it was not possible for me to sit by the window with how many times I was going to have to get up to pee! The flight was long and pretty uneventful minus the screaming child across the aisle from us. It made me feel really anxious for our travels home in December with a little baby. However, this child was like 1 and a 1/2 and I think the mother could have done a better job with bribing her to stop crying. Who cares what it takes? When you are on a place with 400 people, give that baby whatever they want to make them be quiet!

When I got to Atlanta the circus began. Despite me having called Cingular/AT&T from Germany the day before to have my stateside phone turned on, it was not working upon my arrival. Not only was it not working, I was not able to call AT&T either, which was highly obnoxious. So I resorted to turning on my European iphone because I had to let my parents know I was home and to come and get me. Guess what didn't work either! I have no idea what is wrong with that phone but it wouldn't make a call ANYWHERE. The only thing that worked was my email. I knew it could take awhile for either parent to check their email so I had to email Deaner IN GERMANY to call my parents and tell them I was here. It took forever to get my bag and get outside but I finally caught my dad on his 6th lap around the airport. Whew! It was nice to finally be caught up with someone.

It took Deaner about 3987 tries to reach me on one of my parents cell phone for one reason or another but finally I got to talk to him and tell him everything was sorted out. I got home and talked to AT&T who finally figured out the issue of my phone and then my mom and I were off. First to get pedicures and then to shop a little bit before my enormous dinner at Mellow Mushroom. It has been since Christmas since I actually got a pedicure and my toenail has been hurting this week. The lady actually said to me "you no look right now" as she dug in to "fix" my toenail. It killed for a minute before instant relief flooded over me. Why can't I have these places in Germany!?

I was up at 5:15am this morning after conking out at 8:15 last night. My mom and I are hitting up some estate sales this morning and then heading out to shop. I am picking up my college friends at the airport around 5:45 or 6 and I can't wait to see everyone! My baby shower is in the morning and I think that it will be a blast. I'll be sure to post lots of pictures and keep everyone updated on my Atlantafest 2010!! Stay tuned!


Jennifer said...

Glad to hear you are back in the States and safe! Have a fun baby shower tomorrow!

EmilyB said...

Enjoy your Atlantapalooza!! Can't wait to hear all about where you eat and what you do! (is it bad that I seriously drool just thinking of all of Atlanta's great restaurants!?) Is your family dying over your baby belly?