Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby Deaner

Look at how much bigger Baby Deaner is getting!! Apparently all that peeing really is the result of a growing baby! Everything went great at the doctor today. I am just so happy to have found a doctor here in Germany that I actually like and trust. I am a little weary of her anti-medication mentality but I'll get over that part. The baby was measuring exactly on schedule and I even lost a few pounds from a few weeks ago. And before anyone goes lecturing me about that, let me assure you that I have PLENTY of pounds to spare a few. The doctor asked if I was having trouble keeping food down and I laughed. The only problem I am having is that I want to eat any food that isn't NAILED to the table. No super wierd cravings or anything as of yet even though last night my mouth was watering for some Varsity onion rings! But really, that probably has nothing to do with pregnancy. Fried foods and I have always had somewhat of a love affair going on. Unfortunately the doctor says that there isn't much I can do for the insomnia. This is where the medication restrictions make me a little annoyed but oh well. She said that we probably had to wait another 8 weeks or so to find out the sex. UGH! I will never make it that long. When I stated this she said there was a chance at finding out in 6 weeks. Guess we will see. I don't have to go back for another month and I am sure that that time will crawl by. At least we might have some time to actually get reimbursed from our insurance company for the last visit. I never appreciated the fact that American doctor's offices billed your insurance for you. I will NEVER take this for granted again! Get this, we have to pay for the hospital admission/delivery out of pocket as well! Guess we aren't spending another dime for a long time! That and the long list of baby items that we are going to have to purchase are about to give me a stroke.

Anyways, we are heading out the door in a little bit for dinner at Steph and Jon's house. Which means that I have to go wrestle myself back into my normal jeans. These pj pants are really a lot more comfy! :) It's almost Friday!!!!!


LTCLC said...

Normally German doctors offices bill the insurance as well.
We have two types of health insurance here in Germany. Kind of hard to explain but one kind (the general one) is the kind where the patient just has to pay the deductible which is 10 Euros per quarter year.
No matter how many doctors you see, the first one, to which you gave the 10 Euros will write a referral to the next doctor.
I started appreciating that, when I lived in the States, where I had to pay for each visit.
Well, the other kind of insurance is called private insurance, where you pay everything out of pocket first and then get reimbursed.

I am not quite sure about the differences and advantages but as far as I know you can pick what you get with the private one, like one bed rooms, seeing only certain doctors and stuff like that.
It's like a first class ticket for the hospital.
Oh and with that insurance you don't have to wait at doctors offices...

So I think your insurance is treated as "private" insurance here in Germany since it is none of our general ones.
Did you have to wait at the doctors office?

Do you know for sure that you have to pay for the delivery and hospital out of pocket first?

When my brother had his car accident he didn't have to pay the bill first and then get reimbursed.
That would have ruined him.
He had the second kind of insurance at that time.

Congratulations again by the way!
I am looking forward to more updates!

Jennifer said...

Yay for a healthy little baby Deaner! I'm sorry the doc won't let you take any sleeping medication. Hopefully you can get some sleep soon!

I had no idea that doctors in Germany did that! I was born in Germany when my dad was a Civilian over there in the 80s. My mom had me on post at an Army hospital. She said it was an interesting experience. It was very different than when she had my brothers in the States. I believe she had me natural because they wouldn't give her an epidural! She was fine though and the doctors and staff were great. Are you going to have the baby at an Army hospital or a German hospital? If you don't want to say for privacy that is fine, I am just curious. :)

Allison said...

Yeah I heard the German docs are very much against any drugs during birth...

How do you feel about that? :) I'd be freaking out I think ;) hehe

Lauren said...

Glad everything went well! I actually gained 12 pounds in my first trimester! I too was attracted to any food substance that wasn't nailed down. I knew I was in trouble when my doctor suggested I start eat raw carrots or fruit as snacks. I ended up gaining 55 pounds by the end and practically had to be rolled into the labor and delivery unit :)

Anonymous said...

Little Baby Deaner is a cute little thing.....!!!