Monday, January 4, 2010

Home Again Home Again

I think that this picture gives a basic idea of how much STUFF we brought home with us but the sad part is that you can't even see me carrying my pink LL Bean bag which is the same size as that green duffle that Deaner has thrown over his shoulder!! We had 4 suitcases, 2 duffle bags and 2 carry ons. Not pretty! The only thing that kept me from having a nervous breakdown when my parents dropped us off was the fact that my mother was foolishly snapping pictures of us trying to wheel all our luggage to the Skycap! Even I was appalled to find out that our biggest suitcase weighed 62 pounds! I mean, I thought there was no way we would be anywhere NEAR the 70 pound limit (thank you medallion status!) but apparently we managed to get closer than I thought we would!

When we arrived at our gate we were so early that they hadn't even turned the lights on yet! Guess it is better than being late! I noticed that there was a kid asleep on the floor by the window but I didn't think much of it until I saw something start moving underneath his sweatshirt. Turns out it was a tiny dog who then got up and drank out of its water dish that was set up by the window as well and then peed on it's pee pad that I hadn't noticed was there. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that this is totally uncalled for? I understand that the dog is small and I also understand that some people consider their dogs part of the family but this was a little over the top. A dog should not be allowed to pee on the floor at the airport even if it is on a mat. That just doesn't seem very hygenic to me. And where does the dog pee once it is on the airplane? What if it poops? I would be furious if I had to sit next to that dog and had to smell it's poop the whole flight!

The flight home was completely uneventful. We had no tailwind like we normally do so the flight wasn't as short as we were hoping. And neither of us could manage to fall asleep at all. George, our neighbor, picked us up at the airport (thank god we didn't have to navigate the trains with all those bags!) and we got home by 8:30am or so. There is snow everywhere here and it is super cold! Welcome back to Germany I guess! We took a 5 hour nap, showered, ate a small lunch, went to the grocery store and came back home. In order to stay awake, I took down the Christmas tree all by myself! It was a total pain in the ass but at least it is done and I don't have to worry about it tomorrow. Just have to worry about unpacking all the luggage! Now I am sitting here on the couch blogging with my new PINK snuggie keeping me warm. I'm not going to lie, I'll probably be asleep within the hour. Tomorrow I will work on my recap of 2009 and get to play with all my new toys, including my new camera! Sorry if this is rambly, I'm exhausted!!


susanne said...

Uneventful plane trips are always the best! Glad everyone is home safe and sound though a little chilly.

Allison said...

Before getting Addie I would have been right there with you about the dog...

I guess it is still a little bizarre for them to let the dog pee in the airport. When Addie flies with us we don't give her any food or water after 8pm the night before and then we make sure she does her business BEFORE we get to the airport. She flew from Germany to Houston in the cabin and no one even knew she was there :) But of course, Addie is an exception to ALL the rules. hehe :)

Glad you guys had a nice trip! It's always good to be in the states!!