Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nothing to Say

When you don't do anything all day long, it is hard to blog about eventful things going on. I woke up early this morning to fetch Steph and Jon at the airport. That was pretty uneventful. I am happy to have them home! After dropping them off I picked up a few things at the commissary and then headed home. And that is pretty much all I did today. I took a nap, read my book, watched Gene Simmons and cooked dinner. Boring, boring, boring. Oh yeah, I did take a shower too. I need a project. I don't think that it has helped my productivity that I am exhausted from the jet lag. I don't remember it being this bad last time!

Perhaps when I start being productive again, I will have something to write about again. Wish me luck!


Chubs said...

Maybe they need a part time, English speaker, up at Kloster Eberbach.