Saturday, January 2, 2010

Over Already?

Is it really possible that we have already been home for 17 days and that it is time to head back to Germany tomorrow? Time really does fly when we are here. There are enough things to do, people to see and family to entertain to keep us busy for months! It is too bad that two and a half weeks was all the time that we had. Time for Deaner to get back to work and for us to get back in our normal routine back in Germany. I'm still wondering how it is possible that we have 6 bags going back to Germany and I STILL have a GIANT box of clothes to ship back. I really thought that we would be able to make it back in our suitcases but no such luck.

This weekend has been really busy. Starting with New Year's Eve, we have been on the run ever since. We rang in the New Year by renting out the top floor of a beer brewery in town, Gordon Biersch, which also happens to be where we hosted the "after party" of our wedding. It was a good night with great friends and Deaner and I got to celebrate our 4th anniversary of being together. I realize that our wedding anniversary is now the "official" anniversary but New Years Eve will always be special to us. New Year's Day we spent at Deaner's Dad and Stepmom's house. They have an open house every year and we hung out all day visiting with family friends and watching football. Today we had lunch with one of my oldest friends and her family. It was nice to catch up and see her two children and husband. I got to watch Ole Miss win the Cotton Bowl today even though it wasn't a pretty win by any means! And tonight we had dinner at my Aunt and Uncle's house and I got to play with Baby Thomas, who was as cute as ever!

Now we have spent the past two hours trying to pack all our crap up into our suitcases! Hope it all makes it back to Germany! Deaner's parents are coming by in the morning to say goodbyes and then we are heading to the airport. Keep us in your thoughts tomorrow while we are making the transatlantic flight home. I'll be posting again once we are home and unpacked. I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and here's to an exciting 2010!


Blair said...

Happy New Year!!

MG said...

Hope you have a smooth flight home!

KT said...

I hear you on trying to smash ton of stuff into suitcases after being in the US. We had 4 bags plus a few stuffed carryons as well. We were lucky going through customs and didn't have to pay tax on any of our new stuff. I was afraid they were going to discover all of the chocolate chips and food items hidden in my bags! Hope your travels are safe!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Have a safe trip back home!!!