Monday, February 1, 2010

Mundane Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that everyone had a good weekend! Ours was pretty fun. Friday night we found a new restaurant in the next town over and it was good. I didn't love my entree but I thought our appetizer was good and I'll definitely try it again and get something else for dinner. Saturday we did a bit of shopping and then had dinner with some friends on Saturday night. Sunday the sun actually came out in Germany. It was a monumental event. Unfortunately when we were at lunch on Sunday afternoon I started seeing halos and bright lights and was having blurred peripheral vision. This happened to me about a year ago and I was afraid that I was getting a migraine. Afterall, those are all the signs that a mirgraine is coming on. It is so scary! I came home and laid down in our bedroom with the blinds down for the rest of the afternoon. Booooooooring. The only day of the winter that the sun was out! At least I managed to keep the actual migraine from ever becoming full blown. I don't feel 100% today either and still sort of have a dull headache. I'll take that anyday over a migraine though so I'll consider myself lucky.

I just caught a little bit of the Grammy's as it was being replayed on AFN. I have a few comments to make. First of all, when you have to bleep out half the song because of explicit lyrics, it really doesn't do much for the viewers watching at home. In fact, it is kinda ridiculous. Secondly, what was Lady GaGa wearing on her head? That thing was not a hat. I feel sorry for the guy that was sitting behind her. My last observation is how in the world Taylor Swift won album of the year. I mean I am not knocking Taylor Swift but she was up against Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Dave Matthews??? It sure doesn't make sense to me!

Anyways, not much else is going on. I am fighting the urge to take a nap. I know that if I do, I will never have a shot at sleeping tonight. I already had lunch with Deaner today and hit up the commissary. Now I am just doing laundry and cleaning up the house. I don't know how it manages to get so messy on the weekends but I know who I am blaming!! :) We are probably going to be booking tickets to the US soon and I can't wait! We are thinking of going for the first two weeks in May and that means that I won't have to wait that much longer!! I'm off to make my bed and keep cleaning up! Happy Monday!!


New Girl on Post said...

I hope you start feeling better! I've never had a migraine and can't imagine how horrible that would be.

Gracie Beth said...

I think Taylor Swift gets more respect that she deserves. Also I had to move so my new address is

miasmom said...

I got really bad headaches and migraines when I was pregnant with Mia ... not this time ... maybe you are having a girl ;-)