Sunday, June 28, 2009

Short Week!!!

I never ever feel like I say this but it seems like this weekend lasted a really long time! We haven't even done anything huge but it has seemed to go by at a slower pace than most! We had a bit of a problem on Friday with our room and while I can SORT of laugh at it now, it really wasn't very funny then. Thursday evening when I was taking a shower I noticed that the shower wasn't draining properly. No big deal except that our shower is about 4 inches deep and the water was backing up FAST. I SPED through my shower and told Deaner about the issue. No big deal really we just decided I would call the front desk in the morning and let them know we needed some draino in our shower the next day. Easy right? Nothing is EVER easy around here! Maintenance came up Friday afternoon and after banging around in the bathroom for about 3 minutes the guy came out into the living room and said "No one told me that your shower head was broken too!" Well, that was news to me because I wasn't aware it was broken and I have now lived in this room for 3 months. Exit dude to get us a new shower head. Once the shower head was replaced dude comes back into the living room and says "Uhhh, we have a much bigger problem here. There is a leaking pipe under your shower and there is standing water under the shower. We are going to have to call a plumber and you can't use the shower until it is fixed". Huh.......ok. I told the guy to do what he had to do because I was leaving to pick up my husband at the office and head to the gym. Upon returning home I see the little blinking red light on the telephone indicating we have a message. The message goes a little something like this:

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Deaner, this is Heidi down here in reservations and I have just been informed that you have a sizable water leak in your bathroom. Please give me a call back as quickly as possible because you are going to need to change rooms immediately. It won't be a problem, as we have vacancies, but you will need to vacate your room immediately. Thanks"!!!!

Ummmmm.......listen hear, Heidi!! Are you out of your freaking mind? Do you have any idea how much CRAP we have in our hotel room? You might not think that this little move in inconvenient but I can promise you that I will not be hauling things such as this......or this..........down the hall to a new room!! Yes, that's right, that is a satellite dish and a 50 inch plasma television that my husband insisted we set up in our room "just to make sure it worked". This little move almost had me in meltdown mode.

Thankfully Deaner handled the situation as best as he could and we were allowed to stay in our room IF we went to another wing of the hotel to TAKE OUR SHOWERS! Arrgggg. Here is what we were told by the front desk on Friday evening:

"You are not allowed to shower in your own room due to a water leak. We have called the plumber and he might come tonight. Or, he might come tomorrow. He will probably not come on Sunday. So it might just be Monday before he comes".

Well, thank you American Arms hotel for being so precise! You really narrowed down that window in which we could expect the plumber! Anywhere from 0-72 hours this dude could show up! Not being left with much of a choice, I loaded up my handy dandy WINE TOTE that I won in a giveaway and marched around to the next wing of the building and showered. This is truly more inconvenient than it might sound. Not only did I forget to bring my conditioner, I also forgot my hair brush and was forced to walk back to our room looking like Medusa!

What a pain in the BUTT. I didn't think I would ever be so happy to hear someone knocking on our door at 9am on a Saturday morning to fix our leak! So, leak gets fixed!!! Wooooo-hoooo! I go to take a shower only to find out that the stupid people didn't fix the freaking CLOG! My whole purpose in calling the first time! I'm getting annoyed just typing it again. We couldn't bear the thought of dealing with maintenance again so for now we are taking VERY fast showers so the water doesn't overflow and I have to let the front desk know that we STILL have a problem tomorrow morning. God help me. And God help this house buying process to SPEED UP AND GET ME OUTTA HERE!

I'll post more about the weekend tomorrow but hopefully y'all will get a kick out of the shower issue. It is always something here! I'm so pumped for a short week!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to have found your blog! Five years ago, I was in your very situation at the American Arms hotel in Wiesbaden! Now, I'm back home in the states in Mississippi and having to deal with a weekly rate hotel until we can close on our house... ah, military life at its finest! :-)

Shoshanah said...

I felt like this weekend has seemed a little slower as well. Not quite sure why.

And hopefully they're able to fix ALL of your shower issues soon!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Wow! I'm glad you didn't have to move! That would not have been cool. Good luck on taking those fast showers

Daryl Iorio said...

I, for one, am not surprised that Heidi’s first advice was to vacate the room. That’s usually the first course of action for the occupants of a room or home with a sizeable leak. Yes, it can be a little inconvenient because of all the things that need to be moved, but this is to ensure that nothing else is damaged, and that nothing that uses electricity gets wet for obvious safety reasons. It’s a shame that it took a while for the plumber to come fix the leak, and even worse that they hadn’t fixed the clog! Let’s hope they’ll be able to fix it when they come back around. Hang in there!