Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last Day in Rome

I have to start this post by saying that I am really really irritated. I just spent about two hours writing a post about our last day in Rome and uploading a million pictures. I don't know what happened, I don't know what I did, but the post erased. I couldn't get it back and I am about to start over. I just don't know if I have the energy to upload all those pictures again! I will try though! Last Day In Rome Take TWO....I'm not gonna lie, I'm getting sort of sick of posting about Rome! So finally I am going to get the last day of pictures up once and for all! Since our flight wasn't until 10:10pm on Monday night we woke up on Monday morning and went to the Vatican Museum. Talk about a crowd! Our main goal was to get to the Sistine Chapel. I know that we should have been more appreciative of all the other fabulous art in the Museum but we had our goal and the place was crowded!! These first few pictures are from the outdoor courtyard. I love the one with Deaner and who we THINK was Augustus (the jury is still out on that one!)Here are just a few shots of the beautiful sculptures in the Vatican Museum. I really like that they were in an open air area of the museum. I am sure we would have enjoyed them more if there wasn't such a crowd everywhere we walked!The next series of pictures are going to be of the ceilings through out the Museum. I know that most people don't really notice the ceilings in places but they are definitely worth noting in this musuem.Most people I know have told me that they were disappointed by the Sistine Chapel. I had heard that it was much smaller than one would think, that it was hot, and that it was very dark. I just knew that I couldn't go to Rome and NOT go see it. So, my expectations were pretty low. I was completely surprised by how much I LOVED IT! It was a beautiful day outside so I am assuming that the Chapel was much lighter than it normally would be if the weather was crummy. Yes, it was a bit crowded and a bit stuffy but I thought it was fabulous. So much for saying No Flash Photography! No one was abiding by that rule!That just about wraps up our trip. I am really looking forward to posting about something different but our trip to Rome was fantastic and we had a really good time. Hopefully we will be invited back sometime! I'll leave y'all with one last picture. We bought Deaner all these awesome ties while in Rome! He has never had to wear a tie to work before this job and so his selection was a little slim. I think this was one of my best accomplishments on our trip was to find these. I know that they will all look great on him. There is no telling what he would turn up wearing if it weren't for his stylish wife! :)I have lots of things to catch y'all up on. We are currently being stalked by our FORMER architect. That's right, we just told her that we aren't buying her condo anymore and between Deaner's cell, my cell, and the hotel phone we had 7 calls in about 15 minutes! SCARY! I'll fill everyone in tomorrow!


Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Glad you took a sneaky Sistine Chapel picture. Every good tourist has to have one of those! :) And the ties are nice. Plus, he can be like, "Oh, this tie? I got it in Rome." How fun is that?

Have you guys considered renting until you can find something you like? Or just renting the whole time? I have a few friends who have bought over here and, as you can see, it can be complicated. Even more so when you file taxes. And then even more when you try to move.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Have I mentioned this before? You take amazing pictures!!!

MG said...

As an Art History major, I have to shake my finger at you for those Sistine Chapel Ceiling pictures..although I can't say I wouldn't have fallen under the pressure to take one if everyone else was!

Brought back many memories of my Art History class days!

chubs said...

Great pics. I always thought that God and Adam thing was part of a hug mural. Live and learn from the Gleatie.