Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Are You Kidding Me?

I can't believe I forgot to tell y'all this yesterday. As usual, I was heading to meet the 10:40am shuttle to go meet Deaner for lunch. Normally there are a few people waiting on the shuttle but not that many. When I got to the shuttle stop it was pretty crowded. Most of the time I recognize the people waiting on the shuttle because they are other families that are staying in the hotel as well. Not today. It sort of dawned on me that there was really only ONE adult in this crowd of people. My first thought was "surely all these children don't belong to this one woman". I started to listen to their conversation when one little boy asked the mother "Mommy, when are we going to get to Germany"? Ha Ha. Little did he know! After a few minutes it became quite clear that they were all brothers and sisters. I did a quick head count and there were SEVEN CHILDREN!! This woman, who was NO larger than a size 4, gave birth to all seven of these kids! They ranged (and I was guessing) from about 1 to about 6th grade or so. Geez! How do people afford to have 7 children? How do you remember all their names?? Maybe it is just me but I can't imagine being able to handle that!

I don't have a ton else to update. Yesterday I picked up Deaner at work and we went over to the big nice gym. I really hate working out. But I did feel pretty good about doing it yesterday. I did the spin bike for about 70 minutes and it felt good however my butt is not feeling so good this morning! There is NO telling where my gel spin seat is packed! We are going back today after I pick Deaner up at work and I am really not wanting to. I am sort of wondering why it is still so dang cold here and it is MAY. As in, ALMOST JUNE!!

I still have 3 shirts of Deaner's to iron but I am just sort of staring at them. Someone commented yesterday that I seemed a little bit "down" and I guess that is sort of true. Nothing is really wrong though. I just feel like I do a whole lot of nothing everyday! I am really anxious about this apartment financing working out. Our architect wants to meet and start working on floor plans and while I am really excited to start doing that and have everything ready for when the financing does goes through, if it doesn't go through, it is going to be really sad. I'm hestitant to start getting in so deep in case everything falls through! Things are taking a long time because of the international financial crisis and we have heard that German banks are more hesitant to lend to foreigners. It makes sense but still.....we have been in this hotel for 6 weeks now! That is enough to get anyone down! Also, something screwy is going on with Deaner's job and we haven't been reimbursed A DIME yet for anything we have spent here. Our Amex balance is growing and growing and these fools owe us like $6k! I know that we will eventually get it but it is just obnoxious that it is taking so long. At least we took the pay advance so it isn't like we are about to starve or anything, I just like to be on top of things. I feel like we have done our part by submitting reimbursement forms correctly and now they need to do their part and PAY US!!!

Anyways!! The same commentor yesterday also asked about getting "flashed" and getting tickets here. It is just the same as in the States. They have those poles positioned at intersections with a box looking thing on the top. It must use some sort of radar and can tell if you run a yellow light or are speeding. The only difference is that in the States, most of them ARE NOT FUNCTIONAL! Apparently here, they ALL work! :) We have been seriously considering buying a navigation system for the car and if we buy the really expensive one (which I am against) it comes with maps that included where traffic cameras are! I'm starting to think that it might be worth it for Deaner!

I have a question for my readers. I am desperately looking for a CUTE I.D. holder that can go on my keyring. I have to show my military I.D. about 234873 a day and I'm thinking the best place to keep it, is on my keys. Of course, nothing of this sort is available here, at least not that I have seen. Just wondering if anyone has seen anything cute lately?

Ok, I guess I am going to act like a real housewife and iron the rest of the dress shirts! I really wish there was a Marshalls or T.J. Maxx here! Deaner really needs some new ties and those places are the BEST for ties. So cheap and normally I can find some really cute ones. I know, I know, wishful thinking!! Have a great day!

Click here to enter my giveaway! The above picture is random but I don't have any new ones! This is from when we were in Bavaria last summer on vacation. I can't wait to go back!


Colette Armstrong said...

My mom is one of 6... so I can imagine. Although my youngest cousin did not know all the aunt and uncles names until she was about 8, so it is hard to keep track of.

There are some cute i.d. holders that Vera Bradley makes if you are into the quilted madness. And I think I saw some on the UGA bookstore website the other day, so maybe you could get one shipped from Ole Miss?? Something to look into!

Have fun, and it will get better. My sister lived in Switzerland for 3 years in a small town, so thank your lucky stars that at least there are people around who speak English... she was stuck with snobby French speakers who wouldn't answer questions unless she used the correct French pronounciation.

Have a great day!!

Emory said...

Seven kids...somedays I have trouble keeping up with the one!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I have no idea how she had 7 kids! Wow!

As for a cute id keyring. Check out Vera Bradley. They have some really cute ones and the best thing about those is that if you get it dirty, you can just wash it!

Lindsey said...

Your blog is so stinkin' cute, love it!!!

MMM said...

Grandma had 6 kids and A and I constantly think about how in the world she can Grandma did it.

Not that you are looking for ways to save time but you seriously need to invest in some non-iron brooks brothers shirts. I don't iron any of A's shirts. They are awesome! Orvis has good everyday ones, but Brooks Brothers is the best for dress shirts.

I'll think on your key chain dilemma. Could make a good post for me. =) I love to search for things like that.

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

I can believe that. I'm one of 10 kids, and we range over 16 years. My mom is a size 6 and people can't believe her when she says she's almost 50 years old :-)