Tuesday, May 12, 2009

AND THE WINNER IS......................

NEWLYWED HOSTESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Congratulations to Newlywed Hostess for winning my very first giveaway brought to us by Emma's Closet. NWH, please contact me and I can put you in touch with Emory so you can get to work on your personalized gift!! Make sure you let us know what you pick so we can all be jealous! Remember, anyone can head over to Emma's Closet and browse through the cute selection of gifts! If for some reason I can't get in touch with NWH, we will choose a new winner later in in the week! Thanks to everyone who participated! I had much more of a turn out than I thought! Definitely stay tuned because I already have another giveaway lined up in the next week or two.

On a very different note.....What is wrong with other people's children? I am not a mother but I am quite sure that when I am, my children will be exceptionally behaved (at this point, all you mothers out there can start rolling laughing). Yesterday I was down in the basement of the hotel doing laundry (the story of my life these days) and there happened to be another girl down there with her two young boys. I've noticed most mother's I see around here are no older than 21 and have multiple children but that is another subject for another day. Back to my story. I'd seen this girl around before and only noted her children because one day at the bus stop I witnessed her 4 year old walk up to her 2 year old, punch him in the stomach, and then push him on the ground. My jaw dropped but I was a bit more horrified that the mother reprimanded the child only by telling him that since his 2 year old brother had not ASKED to be punched and pushed, that he was not allowed to do it. Call me crazy, but I am pretty sure that this 2 years couldn't even talk MUCH LESS would he ever request to be beaten up like this. I digress. As I was unloading my washer the older of the two boys (the bully) just walked up and HUGGED me!! I was so touched! Then the 2 year old followed him and hugged me also! When I went to sit down in a chair (my washer still had 10 minutes) the younger boy came and got up on my lap! At this point I was just concerned about what kind of attention these kids were getting at home if they were so desperately seeking it from me. Maybe they were just friendly? Or maybe not. The older boy casually walked up to me and I figured he was going to try and get in my lap too. Nope. He pinched the CRAP out of my hand! I was flabbergasted! I looked at him and said "Hey! That wasn't very nice of you!" here is what the mother said to the child....

Mother: "M, did you pinch that lady"?
M: "Yes"
Mother: "Does that lady look like she is your age"?
M: "No"
Mother: "Than you have no business treating her like she is your age"!!

Wailing ensued after this reprimand. I've got news for this woman, if her child goes around pinching other children just because they are his age, they have some preschool issues coming their way! Geez louise! This family might need Nanny Jo-Jo!

In other news....I was the lucky winner of the Wine Tote Giveaway on the More Wine Please blog!!!!! I can't even tell y'all how this made my day!! Here is basically what the tote is going to look like.I picked a different black and white pattern and it is going to have my three initial monogram on it in Lime Green. As soon as I get it I will post a picture of it!! For those of you who MUST have their very own Wine Tote (I'm pretty sure it will "tote" other things as well) check out Moly's website All In Stitches LLC for all her cute patterns! This is a wise investment!

Well, I am off to finish watching Days of Our Lives and then to pick up Deaner and head to the gym. Today I am hoping to remember to bring Deaner's clothes WITH ME so I so carefully set by the door each day. Yesterday we had to come all the way BACK to the hotel. There is a gym here but it is in the dregs of the basement and I would rather have some people watching available while I spin! Hope everyone has a great day!!


Under this Umbrella said...

OMG...I can't believe that little guy pinched you. I was laughing at the bus stop reprimand from the mother and I got to the pinching story. If it didn't happen to you, the mother's response would be QUITE humorous. After I became a parent, I swear one of the hardest things I have learned is how to deal with other people's parenting skills. :) Congrats on your new wine tote...REALLY CUTE. Have a great day!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Crazy kids! I always remember the Sex and the City episode where Miranda said something along the lines of, "Oh I don't like kids. I just like my kid." I think I'll be the same way!

morewineplease said...

Its ready! I will be shipping it out this week!!

Newlywed Hostess said...

my email is Newlywedhostess@gmail.com.
I could not find yours or else I would have shot you an email.
I am excited. I have never won a blog giveaway before now.
Those kids definitely need better parenting. That mom is crazy. If I had kids their age, I would never let them near her kids. I agree with what MLG says that I fear that other parents will be the hardest thing to deal with when I finally have kids.

susanne said...

That mom is pretty hilarious. Like anyone under two feet tall is appropriate fodder for her bully of a kid. But bad kids are not really bad, they just have bad parental units.
Congrats to Neweywed Hostess - I REALLY wanted that giveaway!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm guessing that's the new hat you bought him, that he drew from? Cute!