Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not My Day

Lord this has been a long day! I had such big plans and I did not get off to them on the right foot! I was up and ready to leave the house by 10am this morning. I needed to go to Hornbach for more paint, the commissary for a can of tomato sauce (I know, the ONE thing I forgot to buy on Monday) and to the Mainz-Kastel base for more gas and more paint tape at the hardware store. So I set off on my merry way. About half way into town I realized that I forgot the can of paint that I needed more of sitting on the table at home. Knowing me, there was no way in hell I would remember which color it was once I got to the store so it was back to the house I went. Of course I got stuck by a train going AND leaving again. Set back, 35 minutes or so. I decided to go to Hornbach first. As luck would have it, the paint counter was getting a new computer installed so there was no one there to help me. And by no one, I mean there was no one even in sight for me to ask when it would be re-open, so I left.

I then headed towards the commissary to get my one can of tomato sauce for spaghetti. On the way there I was flashed by a radar disguised in an unmarked white van. Nice. This is the SECOND time in TWO weeks that I think I have been flashed. For those of you who don't know, the police will rarely pull you over in Germany for speeding but they have these handy cameras just about everywhere. The tickets are mailed to you no sooner than about 3 months later just when you think you have gotten away with it. I was not pleased about this AT ALL. Continuing on. Got my tomato sauce and headed to Mainz-Kastel, which is also where Deaner works.

While approaching the town of Mainz-Kastel some dumb ass decided to make a left hand turn AT THE LAST SECOND and I had to slam on my brakes, which sent my car skidding around, in order to miss rear ending the car in front of me, who was also experiencing the same issue (skidding around). All my VAT forms flew off the seats all over the place and the paint can went flying. This only could have been worse if the lid had popped off!

Did my business at MK and headed back to Hornbach. Still closed. Excellent. Headed home. Got stuck by the train again. Started my spaghetti sauce only to find out that my LAST onion was rotten. As it turned out I actually did need more at the store than just tomato sauce. Continued making sauce with only onion powder. I survived and thankfully the day is drawing to a close. Whew!

On a MUCH better note, the baby's room is looking stunning. After my bad morning I tackled the beams and made tons of progress. The only part I have left is to paint the baseboards. I'll do that tomorrow. Hopefully! Here are some pictures.I am thrilled with the way that things are turning out. My friend Anne thinks that she will be able to paint the tree sometime at the end of next week or the beginning of the next. I'm so excited to see how it will turn out. I know she will do a great job! Tomorrow I need to tackle the baseboards. I am going back and forth about whether to do them in cream or in that same brown as the beams. I'm just not sure. HELP!

I think I'll make the executive decision tomorrow. What does everyone think about the room??


Nelly said...

your day sounds so frustrating BUT thank goodness that lid did not come off that can of paint. And, the beams look SOOOOOOOOO much better in that taupe color instead of bright blue. Great job!

Practically Perfect... said...

What a crazy day! Glad the lid stayed on the can of paint!

I think the beams look much, much better now that they're not blue. As for the baseboards, I think it could look good either way, but if they're the same color as the beams it might tie everything in together a little better. Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Wow! That sure was a day! Thank goodness tomorrow is another day! Sometimes that is all that can get you through the frustrating ones!

The baby's room is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors you picked out! I can't decide on the baseboards. I think they will look very nice either way, but I think it will depend mostly on what color you expect to get the new carpet in. If you plan on getting a somewhat dark taupe, I would do cream baseboards. If the carpet will be light-ish, I would do that brown shade. The tree mural is going to be stunning! I am having fun watching your decorating progress! You are really doing it fast! It is going to be so pretty!

Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

EmilyB said...

Aww! I hope today is a better day! The room does look great though.

Anonymous said...

Evans' room looks great.....I love it....