Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm Caving

That didn't take long, huh? Deaner and I discussed the crib bedding last night and decided that I would purchase the quilt out of my money that I earn substituting and that we would purchase the rest of the set out of our joint account. After dreaming about it again last night I woke up this morning and ordered it. Then I got to thinking. If I had ordered the items together I would have saved $21 on shipping, could have qualified for 10% off and used a $25 gift card. SO, I just got off the phone with Pottery Barn Kids where I cancelled both orders. I'll re-place them together tomorrow and will be able to get the nursery set, the quilt and the monogrammed sham for $317 instead of just the nursery set and quilt for $370. What was I thinking? At least I came to my senses! Hopefully I won't dream about it tonight again! I also dreamed that my teeth were falling out. Not a pleasant nights sleep!

It has been sunny here in Germany for the past several days in a row. This is practically unheard of in Germany. Now, if it would just get above 25 degrees we might have something to work with!

I don't have a ton more to say. I've been meaning to mention that I have a new found love for SPARKLING water! I don't even like regular water at all and I used to really hate sparkling water. Now my new favorite drink is a 1.5 liter bottle of sparkling water with crystal light in it. YUM. And it can't hurt me to be drinking that much water!

Alright, I have to go because I'm about to have to go meet a friend and see if their ski rack fits on the top of my Jeep. We are going skiing next weekend and if we don't figure out a way to transport the skiis, we are going to have a small problem. Hope everyone is having a good day!


Allison said...

I hated sparkling water until we lived in Germany...and since it is the NORM there, I ended up loving it. :)

Lyndsey said...

Sarah! I dream of my teeth falling out too. Its a reoccuring nightmare I have. Weird!