Monday, March 1, 2010

Back to the beginning of the week!

Does anyone else feel like Mondays come around way too quickly!? I do! Even though I spent pretty much the whole weekend thinking about how excited I am to be having a little baby boy. I could not be more excited. I just want to go out and buy everything that I can find. Even though I know that this would not be reasonable AT ALL. Deaner and I had a pretty low key weekend. I worked on Friday as the Kindergarten substitute and everything went well. Friday night we went out to dinner and came home early. I was exhausted from my day at work (my how things have changed in the past year!) and I fell asleep pretty early. Saturday it ws actually really nice outside and we spent over an hour waiting in line to get the Jeep cleaned. I have to admit that when I got into the car this afternoon I thought about how worth it is was. It is so nice to have a clean car again! Even though I'm sure it won't last for long because I bet anything we will have one more snow before spring really arrives here. Saturday night Steph and Jon came over to enjoy some chicken fingers and onion rings. YUM! Sunday Deaner and I splurged and bought some baby things, just for the fun of it. Everything I picked up Deaner insisted we buy. Think we are excited?? We got a couple of newborn gowns, onesies, hats, mittens so the baby doesn't scratch himself and a few other things. We have been keeping all the baby things that we have gotten in the guest bedroom and I just ran upstairs to take a picture of it.Now, I really have to wait until I get to Atlanta and have my shower and see what else I am going to NEED. I worked on my baby registry on Babies R Us this weekend but of course I keep thinking of things!

Hmmmmm, what else? My doctor seemed a little sketchy about our trip to Greece at the end of May. I am slightly concerned about this because I have every intention of going. It wasn't because it was dangerous or anything but she said that it was not a place that I would want to be if I actually needed medical attention. I just hope that it works out and that she is comfortable letting me go. She was fine with my trip home to the States. Deaner found out this morning that we have to go to Brussels tomorrow. Only for one night but sort of a pain in the a$%. Hopefully I will get to eat Chi-Chi's. Too bad the last time I was there was the last time I'll be enjoying the margs for awhile! Anyways, I'm off to keep folding laundry. There were mountains of it this morning but I am finally getting through some of it. Happy Monday everyone!


Jon and Steph said...

I can't wait til Baby Deaner can wear the OU beanie with pride ;)

Look at all of that stuff you got!!

susanne said...

I think I've bought more clothes than you have!!

Liane said...

What about maternity clothes? Have you been going crazy buying that? All you've mentioned is the bathing suit which is obviously not for now! Is there good selection there? Did I tell you Vivian is 10 weeks pregnant?!?

Chubs said...

Givg.en the financial crisis in Greece, you will need to get an eye on the situation there before goin