Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Recap & Baby Bedding

Don't y'all just love how my titles don't ever seem to go with each other?? We had a really nice weekend this past weekend and I am sorry that it is over. Friday night we went to our favorite restaurant, Trenz, where I got to enjoy the best reisling soup ever made as well as some awesome Flammkuchen. I even ordered my own glass of wine even if I did only drink a few sips out of it, it was nice to have my own glass and I am sure that Deaner didn't mind finishing it up the last 3/4ths of it for me. Saturday for lunch we were really adventureous and headed to good ole McDonald's for lunch. We RARELY do this because to be honest, fast food just isn't as convienant over here as it is in the States. We are both too chicken to go through the drive thru which means if we want it, we have to "dine in" and it is not normally on our agenda. However, I cannot tell a lie. I am in love with McDonald's chicken nuggets and french fries. I am not in love with the no ice and no refills that comes with being in Germany. We ventured to a new McDonalds on Saturday and when we ordered I was surprised that they put two empty cups on our tray. What could this mean? As I turned around it was like the heavens opened and all the angels were singing as I saw a self serve coke fountain WITH ICE!!! It just goes to show, dreams really do come true. That will now be my McDonald's of choice when we actually go to a McDonalds. There was actually some sort of warning sign on top of the drink machine and it may or may not have threatened patrons about getting refills and/or leaving the premises with their drinks but we ignored it. Stupid Americans!

Saturday evening we went over to our friends house before heading out to a restaurant called the Waldgeist for dinner. The Waldgeist is known for it's XXXL food and drinks. They serve giant hamburgers and schnitzels etc and the beers come in increments of 2 liters. Unfortunately when we arrived we realized the error of our ways by not making a reservation. There was a party of 192 coming for dinner and there was 0% chance of getting in. Bummer. We redeemed ourselves with dinner at Brauhaus Castel where everyone ELSE got to enjoy the home brewed beer. It was still a very enjoyable dinner and we had a great time. Deaner stayed up WAY too late playing with his new satellite dish, SKY TV, that he managed to install all by himself on Saturday. He is very proud of himself and I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised that he did it as well. Just goes to show what you can accomplish when you actually WANT something like MORE television channels so badly!

While Deaner enjoyed all his new TV channels I started looking at crib bedding. Who knew it was so expensive!? Anyways, I didn't think I would find anything that I loved but I did and now I must have it. I know it is a little silly to love CRIB BEDDING this much but I found a set at Pottery Barn Kids and I adore it. I even had a DREAM about it last night. Think I am a little off my rocker? I do. I resisted the urge to buy it on the spot and I actually created a PB Kids registry. They have the cutest things! Here are some pictures of the bedding. I love that it is neutral and that I could use it again with another boy or a little girl.I am having a few heart attacks that it is actually on sale right now because I am scared that means it will sell out or that they aren't going to be making it anymore. I will try and do the reasonable thing by waiting however. That's what adults do, right? Let's see how long until I cave.

Sunday was a nice low key day. I swear we did not go to the PX and buy more things for the baby. Promise. There was more SKY TV watching and computer internet surfing. It was our actual anniversary on Sunday but since we celebrated all weekend we didn't do much on the actual day! Deaner made a big pot of chili for dinner and we watched Amazing Race. And now we have arrived here on Monday. Sigh. I have already been to the commissary and of course they didn't have any buffalo meat. Annoying because now I will have to go back. I am making soup for dinner and looking forward to eating it already! I am working on Thursday and Friday this week so I have to mentally prepare myself! I hope that everyone has a great Monday!


Newlywed Hostess said...

I absolutely adore that bedding! If I was thinking about kids right now, I would probably resist anyone thoughts to wait for someone to buy it for me. Instead, I would snap that up as fast as possible!

Fatboy said...

I don't know why you like "The Amazing Race." It is very lame. What are you getting Sky? More American shows? Mostly British shows?

Unknown said...

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