Thursday, March 11, 2010

One Day Closer

Ok, I can now write a post. I have eaten half a large thin crust pizza and I am feeling a bit more peppy than I was a few hours ago. I felt pretty good during my day in kindergarten today and even when I got home I was feeling pretty good. After about an hour on the couch I was pretty exhausted. Thankfully I managed to talk about pizza long enough that Deaner agreed we should forego having burgers and just order pizza. It was delicious and worth it! No dishes, no kitchen clean up and now I am back on the couch.

I have to work again tomorrow so hopefully it will be early to bed for me. 6:00am comes really early. Especially when you wake up with killer heartburn. How that happened, I don't know, but I think I had eaten 6 Tums by noon. So this morning I heard some funny little kids exchange a few words. When I sub for this particular position I concertrate on two particular little kids. The little girl is so cute and has always been really well behaved for me. When we were walking into the school this morning I leaned over to her and said "E, let's have a really good day at school today so that I can give your mom a good report". At just the same time I said this a 1st grader was walking by and she looked at me and said "What's a report"? Well, my student, E, said "A report is what she gives my mom if I have a good day at school". To this the 1st grader looked impressed and said, "Wow! You are one smart 'lil kindygartener"! I laughed all day about it. When I said goodbye to E this afternoon she called as she was walking out the door, "I'm really going to miss you"! So sweet. Lucky for her, I'll be there again tomorrow. If it could just all be this easy!

This weekend we don't have any big plans. I want to go to the German equivalent of Home Depot and look at paint colors for the baby's room. Hopefully some other fun and exciting things will occur as well. Only seven more hours of working to get to the weekend! Happy Thursday!


The Pink Chick said...

Wow! I'm impressed. I don't know how you handle a day full of little ones! I would be exhausted!! They sound really cute though!

Jennifer said...

That is the cutest story! Have fun picking out paint for the baby! Baby Evans room is going to be beautiful!

Chubs said...

Where'd you order the pizza?