Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From Bavaria, Home, to England

It has been a busy past couple of days! We headed to Garmish Germany early on Friday morning with our friends, Anne and Brian. I haven't downloaded any of the pictures yet, which sort of stinks but I'll be able to post them once I get home. The weather in Garmish was awesome and the skiers had a great time. I was pretty disappointed not to be able to ski with the others. I didn't think I would mind as much as I did but it just looked like so much fun and I sort of felt left out. Saturday was nice because I went up the mountain and had lunch at least with Deaner, Anne and Brian. It was really nice and warm up there, surprisingly, and I was able to sit at the restaurant and watch them ski for a couple of hours before we headed back down. Dinners at night were fun and we made it back safely on Sunday afternoon. Pictures will follow, promise.

It was a short homecoming for us but the one night in our own bed was nice, I have to admit. We were up early on Monday morning and on our way to the airport. We got to England safely but unfortunately something got screwed up with our rental car and we ended up with a manual transmission rental car. So on top of Deaner haven't to drive in a car with the wheel on the wrong side, on the wrong side of the road, he now had to figure out how to drive the stick, backwards. It was a pretty interesting drive to the hotel.

Today has been pretty uneventful. Deaner came home for lunch and we were able to go eat at a restaurant on the base. Now I am just waiting for him to return! Days of our Lives may or may not be on in the background. I think I am going to go read my book now and maybe look at baby stuff online. Deaner has forbidden me to buy anything until AFTER my baby shower in Atlanta on May 1st but I can look right??


EmilyB said...

Of course you can look!!! Heck, I'm not even pregnant, and I love looking at baby strollers, diaper bags, baby clothes, etc. etc. :) (I just try to make sure my husband doesn't catch me)

Anonymous said...

I'm driving a manual in Ireland in May. O_o

So what you're telling me is that I am screwed?!?!