Friday, March 26, 2010

Where Did the Week Go?

With all this traveling suddenly I look up and it is already Friday. Geez. I had so much stuff to post about as well! Now I feel like it is all in the past and that I should move on! However, for a very brief recap........Our flight didn't get back to Frankfurt until midnight on Wednesday night. We didn't arrive home until after 1am. It was an extremely long day and we were both thrilled to be home. Poor Deaner had to be out and out of the house to work bright and early on Thursday morning because the car was due for an oil change. I was up pretty early myself because I had a doctor's appointment. One of my favorite past times! Things went much more smoothly at the doctor's this month and Deaner, thankfully, is back to liking the doctor a lot. Thank god. I couldn't have lived with that for much longer. She apologized profusely to him for blurting out the baby's sex last time and I think he was just thankful that she acknowledged it. Crisis averted. Baby Evans is looking good these days! I am 18 weeks and 2 days pregnant today and that means that I am ALMOST half way there. Evans was healthy and moving around and the Doctor sounded pretty optimistic about our trip to Greece. Also, much to my relief, Evans is still in fact, a boy. Trust me, when you have bought as many clothes as I have, you start to worry about these things!

After my trip to the doctor I checked our mailbox that has been neglected for over a week. We had about 20984 packages including part of my crib bedding! SO, this afternoon I headed over to the German version of Home Depot and actually discovered that they could scan my color and match the paint! Wouldn't this tidbit have been nice to know when I was painting everything else in our house!? Now I am about to go upstairs and start moving the light things from the guest room (future baby room) up to the new guestroom (currently empty room). Then I can really dig in and start on the room next week. I'm excited to have a project and can't wait to take pictures to show y'all.

Ok, even though I have more to tell I am going to have to sign out for now because I want to get some work down upstairs on the bedrooms. Including testing my paint color on the walls. Happy Friday to everyone! I hope your weekend weather is better than ours is supposed to be!


Simply Me said...

just found your blog, Love it! New follower!!

Anonymous said...

yea for the crib coming! Can't wait to see pictures of your room