Thursday, January 5, 2012

War Horse.....True Story?

Did any of you think that I was actually being serious about the true story? Now that would have been pretty funny. If you want to see the movie I am warning you now, there WILL be spoilers. Last night Deaner and I went to see this movie and my mother-in-law watched Evans. I love my son to pieces but it is nice to sit down and watch a movie without worrying about what he is destroying. I am not a huge movie fan but every so often I like to go to a theatre and see something new. Last week we saw The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (I read the books so I knew when to close my eyes and plug my ears) and I really enjoyed it so we thought we might give another movie a try. First off, let me preface this post by saying that I really do NOT like horses. I like to go watch them race sometimes but you will never catch me in a barn nuzzling one of them. In fact, I think there is a very good chance I am actually afraid of horses. So, while I knew that this was a movie involving a horse, I somehow thought it was more about the Civil War. When the movie started it was quite clear that it was definitely NOT about the Civil War, as it was taking place in England. It's just so easy to confuse the Civil War with World War II, right? Ha. I might do better to make a list of the things in the movie that I found weird/funny/outrageous/insane.

1. Why was Albie so obsessed with this horse from the second his father brought him home? I'm not an animal person so perhaps I just don't understand but I never see an animal and think "I cannot live without this creature and I would lay down my life for his/hers".

2. Who names a horse "Joey"?

3. Who promises a horse that they will one day be reunited when the war is over?

4. Who promises a horse that they will one day be reunited when the war is over AND THEN DOES IT?

5. It is just not possible that Joey volunteered to pull the big heavy cannon so that the black horse didn't have to. No way.

6. It is not possible for Joey to live through all those bombings, machine guns and grenades. Everyone else died but don't worry, Joey lives.

7. What kind of man who has been mustard gassed, gone blind and ended up in a field hospital can identify his long lost horse by hearing it shake it's head in the distance? The kind that doesn't exist.

The end. I'm really glad that ole Albie got his horse back in the end. Joey sure did go through some precarious situations and still they were reunited, countries from where they started. I know I am being cynical and I really did enjoy seeing the movie there were just many times when I thought to myself, "seriously"? That Joey was really something else! I'd also like to warn you not to see the movie if you are in any way shape or form feeling emotional about anything at all. You will cry. Even if you hate horses.


susanne said...

LOVED War Horse. And I do not nuzzle horses either.

Chubs said...

Sorry Sam wasn't around to point out that the movie was set in World War ONE.

Ah but we are doomed to repeat the past.