Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just Getting Comfy

I think that Evans has been exhausted lately. Or he might be regressing all the way back to the days when he could not crawl. Yesterday this is how I found him watching TV. Yes, his feet are resting flat on the floor. I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure he exceeds the weight limit of the INFANT bouncy seat where he had made himself right at home. It was practically touching the floor and every ten seconds or so he would sit up a little bit and lie back down to give himself a little bounce. I asked him what he was doing in the bouncy seat and he looked at me like I was crazy, "can't you see lady? Can a man not relax a little in his own house"? I found it pretty funny but I was worried about the seat breaking so I had to ask him to vacate his lounging spot. This did not go over well and pretty much was the slippery slope of what became the rest of the afternoon. Temper tantrums over EVERYthing. Fall down on the floor, face in the ground, kick the feet and wail kind of tantrums. Evans is such a happy and laid back child that I have to admit, it sort of makes me laugh when he has a nervous breakdown. I know that is mean but seeing his temper is pretty comical. Especially when yesterday, in the midst of the bouncy seat fiasco, he knocked into something and looked up at me and said "Uh oh" before returning to this theatrics.It probably doesn't help that every time he gets ticked about something, I pull out my camera to try and capture it but I just can't help it. Look how red his face turns! I have really noticed a lot of changes in Evans these past couple weeks. He just seems more grown up to me and is talking so much more. He tells me to "here, hold this" while handing me a binky (which he ONLY gets at night) or "I want that" while he tries to point to something. This can get rather cumbersome as I don't always guess correctly with the first ten things that I present for his approval. Yesterday is took nearly all of dinner for my mom to realize he was requesting his own fork. Once we figured it out he proceeded to eat his dinner using a fork like he had done it his whole life. My child, who will not walk, ate his whole dinner with a fork. If you ask him what you wash your hair with he will respond with "SHAMpoooo". When gets up from a nap or when we go outside he will point upwards and tell me "sky". I mean, who cares if he thinks the ceiling is actually the sky? Brilliant. :)

Today was a school day so we had to take our routine morning picture to capture how cute Evans' outfit was. I have to say, I did think twice about sending him to school wearing anything white.I took my chances and we came home with a huge brown stain on the front from an applesauce incident? Oh well. I can't believe I actually am posting this picture since despite having just showered it looks like my hair is dirty and I clearly haven't wiped E's mouth yet. It also looks like we live in a forest in Transylvania with that fog outside!I think Evans might be getting sick of posing in school morning pictures with me. What do y'all think?I'll give him a break until Friday morning. I was able to actually go inside and pick Evans up in his classroom today instead of just going through the carpool line. His teachers said he had a fantastic day and on two occasions he took three steps. I did not remind them that he is 16 months and this should have happened awhile ago. I could not be happier that he seems to like school now. When he gets home from school he is normally wiped out. He still takes a morning nap and afternoon nap so he misses the morning nap on school days. Typically he will come home and sleep the afternoon away after school. So, you can understand my concern, that at 3:18, approximately one hour after going down for a nap, I can hear him asking politely to get out of his crib. It is now 3:24pm. Can anyone tell me how many minutes that is away from bedtime at 7:00pm? This could potentially be a very long afternoon.


Sandra said...

It was 216 minutes -- did you make it?

Gannie said...

Told you he could talk........and he can say clean as a whistle....he can.....He looks so cute in this outfit.....I love it and he can sit in the bouncer he won't break it....HE CAN DO WHAT EVER HE WANTS.....Don't you know that

Hatton said...

He is so cute! Love the sweater vest. I take a picture of Thomas every time he wears a new outfit too- ha!