Monday, January 16, 2012

First Hair Cut & First Stomach Bug

I finally let everyone elses opinion on Evans' hair get to me and we took a visit to Pigtails and Crewcuts on Saturday morning. I didn't see a problem with the fact that when wet, parts of Evans' hair reached his chin, but apparently other people did. I have to say that once confronted with the idea of Evans getting a haircut I was fine with it and pretty excited to take him. Evans had a birthday party on Saturday morning so we stopped by the children's haircut place on the way to the party. What a freaking zoo that place is! I've never seen so many kids, so many brightly colored walls, and so many toys. Pretty much your worse nightmare if you are hungover (which I was not) or in a rush (which I was) but they moved super fast and before we knew it Evans was in the shiny fire engine donning a cape.Evans was a little concerned about the little boy next to him that was screaming bloody murder his entire haircut but he managed to keep his composure. Considering he had about 8 hairs to trim up, it didn't take very long. And in case you feel like I shouldn't have succumbed to the pressure, I did take this picture of him in the bathtub last week. It sort of proved to me he was ready.The rest of Saturday was a fun day and tomorrow I will post pictures from the birthday party we went to afterwards. The picture at the top is post-haircut and looking cute.

Unfortunately, sometime during the night on Saturday night/Sunday morning our fun times ran out. When I went to get Evans on Sunday morning when I heard him talking he was covered in vomit. Niiiiiice. Clean up round one. The chance of a stomach bug never even crossed my mind. Had breakfast. Threw up in the highchair. Clean up round two. Ten minutes later, threw up all over me while I was holding my shirt out to catch barf. Clean up round three. And acceptance that Evans had a stomach bug. As you can see, he was pretty much pathetic and pitiful all day long.However he really didn't mind being able to sit with Susie and watch the Kardashians. I told him that if he chose to watch it with her I was going to have to make fun of him. He really didn't seem to mind.After two more clean ups late last night, we made it through the night without incident and seem to be much much better today. We are almost to 24 hours of not throwing up and besides being tired, I think he has felt a lot better today. If we have a good night sleep and appear to be okay in the morning I'm going to let him go to school and chalk it up to a 24 hour bug. God, please let it be over! I always brag about not getting stomach bugs but I'll wait a couple more days to brag this time. So that was our long weekend. Eventful, just not always in a good way! I'm going to pray for a less eventful week. Happy holiday Monday everyone!


miasmom said...

BTW, he is still contagious at least 72 hours after his last symptom (which I found out after my kids had the stomach bug) ... am sending you an article!