Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Good Riddance 2011

Last year at Christmas time Evans was a 4 month old baby who couldn't do anything more than lie on his pallet in front of the fireplace and coo. I can vividly remember it being said multiple times during that Christmas that "at this time next year, he is going to be running around everywhere and be into everything". Hmmmm. I guess that half of this prediction came true! Evans is certainly into everything but the running around part? Not so much. As we opened all our gifts on Christmas morning I was once again struck with the same thought...."next year at this time, Evans will be running around and into everything". Maybe I shouldn't have had such high ambitions for him? I continue to see Facebook status updates on a daily basis about whose child has started walking that day. And I'm talking about kids who are like six months younger than Evans. While we were all extremely impressed and wowed by Evans actually standing up and pushing his push toy this past week, I can hardly brag on Facebook that my 16 month old child is just learning to push a toy around! For goodness sake Evans! Deaner has been in town for the past couple weeks and he CLAIMS that Evans took three steps by himself yesterday. Of course this was when I was not there and did not actually witness it happening. I'm going to chose to believe it didn't happen and hope to actually be there next time (no, I was NOT at Target).

Anyways. Christmas this year was it's usual chaotic event and a great time to see family and friends. Everyone should know by now what a freak I am about Evans' clothes. I plan, I iron and I execute. Imagine my surprise when Deaner produced a "special" outfit that he insisted on Evans wearing.Y'all can rest assured that Evans' German liederhosen were not apart of the holiday wardrobe I had planned.Since I was feeling A LOT of goodwill and Christmas cheer I let him keep them on to please his father. I didn't really understand why Deaner insisted upon wearing these to Christmas since it is the attire that is typically worn to Oktoberfest........in October.I suppose he did look pretty cute even if it was a bit ridiculous. I did absolutely have to put my foot down and refuse to let Deaner give Evans ketchup with his chicken nuggets while in Liederhosen. I was not going to deal with ketchup on suede.

On Christmas Eve Deaner and I took Evans to see Santa Claus. We did this last year too and found that there are practically no lines the day before Christmas and it is a great time to visit. I have to admit that this year the visit was completely anti climatic. I had all these visions of a smiling delighted happy child on Santa's lap and a picture I would treasure for years. I would have even been happy with a picture of him screaming and crying because shouldn't every kid have a picture like that with Santa Claus? I got neither of these. Evans didn't smile and he didn't cry. It was like someone turned him to stone and he was unable to express any sort of emotion at all. My goon of a child. So, I am now the proud owner of 39487 pictures of Evans looking like a deer caught in the headlights because of course, they make you choose which picture package you want BEFORE they show you the picture. Annoyed. You might think my story ends there but unfortunately it does not. Last year I made Deaner stand outside of Santa's little house area so he could take pictures with my own camera. This year I gave him the option of bringing Evans up to Santa's lap and have me take the pictures or vice versa. He chose taking the pictures. I have to add in here that I had to make a special trip back to my parent's house to pick up the camera. After I saw how much I hated the picture of Evans with Santa the conversation went like this......

Me: "That was a terrible picture of Evans and it looks awful"
Deaner: "It's not that bad! I think he looks really cute"!
Me: "How can you think that? He looks like he just witnessed a murder".
Deaner: "I think that the picture is great and it is the only one that we need"!
Me: "At least I will have the pictures you took. Let me see my camera".
Deaner: silence
Me: "The camera please"?
Deaner: 'Uhhh, don't get mad".
Me: Death stare
Deaner: "That old lady over there would not stop talking to me and I couldn't get any pictures taken at all"!
Me: Silence. For a much longer time.

I will have to scan the picture to post on here but trust me, it is nothing special to look at. He was wearing this outfit but didn't look nearly as cute.I'm sure I have a ton left to tell but this is way too long already. Evans is back at school today and I can't wait to hear how the day goes when Deaner picks him up. When we pulled in this morning Evans looked at me like "Seriously lady, haven't we discussed this place scares me"? Hoping for a good report!Welcome 2012! We've been waiting for you!


Anonymous said...

Don't compare Evans to other children. All children "blossom" at their own pace. Besides, he is adorable. Not so sure about his Dad - how could he forget to take pictures of his son with Santa? He could have politely informed that lady that his son was visiting with Santa and he was the cameraman on duty.

Holyriver said...

Very nice blog.
Happy new year from Italy.