Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Realistic Lesson Plans

I know that yesterday I shared a bit of Evans' school curriculum with y'all. I have to say that every week I look forward to reading about all the lessons that my son is learning at school. It sure makes it easier to part with the tuition money. While Evans' teachers are putting an emphasis on the advancement of his vocabulary and cognitive skills I figured that I might set some more realistic goals that we can work on at home. Let's save the hard stuff for the qualified professionals, right? It's hard being mostly perfect but after really digging I have found a few flaws that Evans could stand to polish. I also managed to find pictures to demonstrate several of his bad habits. First off, I would appreciate it if E would stop scratching his nose. In this picture you can see a cut on the right side of his nose. This has since healed but now he has one on the other side. I am not really digging the ruffian look as I don't feel it photographs well. Since I'm not exactly sure how he does it, I am at a loss as to how to stop it. Next up is something that I could probably stand to help him with.It might just be me but I feel like this outfit might look a little bit better if it included pants. I REALLY like that he has on shoes and socks without pants. I'm just not sure it is his best look and in the future I might have to be more strict about it. The next issue could actually be a bit of a hazard.We are going to have to work on sitting down in the bathtub. I should have made a bigger deal out of it when he first started standing up but since he was trying to kiss me, what could I possibly do? Now he wants to stand to open and close the glass doors, stick his finger up the faucet to turn the shower on my head, knock the $5 bottles of baby wash into the tub while they are open and therefore ruined and to get the squeegee off the ledge so he can lick it. This sort of needs to be dealt with soon. Maybe tomorrow. Lately Evans has been wanting to do everything that the twins do. The problem? The twins are 6 months old and Evans will be 18 months at the end of the month.Which brings us to age appropriate toys. Not really a lot to say here except that my MOM indulged this and put him in the jumper. I'm not sure what the weight limit is but my guess is that it isn't not for 24 pound giants who SHOULD be walking. A good rule of thumb would be that if the child's knees drag on the ground, he is probably too big for the toy. Now every time Jack or Molly wants to play in the bouncer, Evans wants to physically remove them for his turn. While I'm busy not letting Evans play with baby toys we should probably go ahead and work on this.We are getting MUCH better at walking these days, sometimes even choosing to do it on our own accord. Something about being nekkid and being in the hallway leads Evans to transport himself from one place to the next like this. Cracks me up, yes, but normal? I'm not sure about that. Last, but certainly not least on our lesson plan list has something to do with this.We have somehow forgotten (because I know that at some point he did know) that it is not appropriate to crawl on the kitchen table. Even if we are on vacation at the lake house. No matter how much joy it is bringing you.

I think we will start all these lessons tomorrow since the little mister is still running a fever. I hate that he feels bad but I do not mind all the lap sitting/cuddle time I have gotten today. I do mind the 3am wake up. Time to start feeling better! Happy Wednesday!


old dad said...

Happy Wednesday - it's Thursday now. Great pictures and it does look like he is a lefty.