Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Should Have Listened

On Tuesdays and Fridays I have to set my alarm clock for 15 minutes earlier than usual. Typically having to wake up earlier would really annoy me but since these days of the week are school days for Evans, I don't mind. Instead of lounging around and eating breakfast and getting dressed at our leisure, we have to get ourselves out the door to be on time. Evans has been going through a really bad sleeping stage and has wanted to be up at the crack of dawn (I consider this a real problem) so he was awake in plenty of time this morning for all of our pre-school activities. I didn't realize anything was amiss with him besides clearly not wanting to have his picture taken with me. He had his normal crying spell when we got to school but I left and knew he would be fine. Until I got a call from school to come pick him up because he had a 101.5 degree fever. Seriously? Can we catch anymore illnesses in one month? First the stomach bug, than the cough from hell (which might as well have been the stomach bug) and now a fever. When I got to school to pick him up 15 minutes later, he was asleep on his teachers shoulder waiting for me in the director's office. Pitiful. I could tell he didn't feel good and was like a rag doll when I picked him up. Fast forward 1 hour, a dose of tylenol and a 30 minute nap. Temperature at 97.8, chowing down on everything in sight and playing happily. Huh. I really don't get it but as long as he feels better, I'm happy. Something tells me that I probably haven't dealt with the end of this but at least he was responsive to the tylenol. Could he be psyching me out? I forgot to mention he ate two sausages, an entire hash brown patty and a banana for breakfast. I'm a little suspicious.A wasted outfit for sure! I've been pretty lazy lately about school postings. E has been having a great time and his teacher's love him. I think it was the Tiffany necklaces personally. I had to laugh several weeks ago when I got an email from our class mom regarding the end of the year teacher's presents. Is it really necessary to plan for something taking place at the end of May, in the second week of January? I'm just saying. I can't let it pass without saying either that the gifts are completely over the top again. I can't stress enough how happy we are with school and how much we are enjoying E's teachers so I'm happy to do it.........but I've done the math. With everyone participating in the donation, we are spending $450 on an "Our Favorite Things" basket. The teachers have filled out a questionnaire of all their favorite things and apparently, we are buying every single item on the lists (well, not really but almost). I'm just wondering who is going to be in charge of the hand stitched table linens that have been requested. All kidding aside, I feel happy when I drop Evans off to school there twice a week and know that he is going to have a great time. THAT makes it worth it. The four hour break is just the icing on the cake! I do think I'll pass on being a room mom anytime soon. :)This week in school, according to the curriculum sent out by our room mom, Evans will be working on new vocabulary, his math skills, experiencing "Dada art" (??), and his development of language and cognitive skills. Tomorrow I'll be back with a list of more appropriate personal goals for the week that we have set on our own. Happy Tuesday.


Shannon S. Hinson said...

Dada was a particularly bizarre art movement that involved nonsensical things...basically it looked like a child did it.
Perfect for, well, Children!